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Half the Sky

As we read “Half the Sky” we were able to get a taste of how difficult the lives were for the women that were a part of these terrible doings to women. Coming from a family in which the majority is women, I cannot bare to see any women put in the situations that these women were put in; the daunting thing about the whole situation is that these heinous acts still exist today. As for the question, why is the desperate state of women in impoverished cultures also a great opportunity for them?

This question is a very odd question because in the end there really is no good outcome to any of this.

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Too many women in these impoverished cultures they barely had enough money to put slippers on their feet. The brothels were many women were abducted and forced to do work by labor or sex is also a place where some of these women actually volunteered to work at. “Despite the knowing the knowledge of what actually occurs to women in these brothels, some women were so desperate for money that they voluntarily went in the brothel’s to work”.

The fact is, is that these women’s backs were against the walls financially, mentally, and physically, some felt the only way out was to work and make money. Even though they knew what happens in these brothels. The fact that these types of things still exists baffles me every day. To actually think that in this day and age people still do things like this. One day hopefully sooner than later we will wake up and not be concerned about any of this.