HA Exam 2 Simmons College FNP

Where does the left coronary artery supply?
Supplies anterior and lateral portions of the left ventricle.
2 branches: left anterior descending supplies the av node, the septum, anterior lv
circumflex supplies the left atrium and posterior lv
Where does the right coronary artery supply?
SA node, right atrium, most of the right ventricle
What constitutes metabolic syndrome?
3 or more: abdominal obesity, triglycerides >150, HDL <40 (men) <50 women, fasting glucose >110, hypertension
Risk factors for Coronary Heart Disease
Family hx (the younger the event in 1st degree relative >risk); male > female; smoking; metabolic syndrome; physical inactivity; stres
Patho of CAD
A pathologic continuum resulting in ineffective pumping action of the heart from myocardial infarct or ischemia. Coronary arteries supply O2 to the heart when increasing demand cannot be met ischemia occurs
Plaque formation
deposition of lipids and macrophages in vascular wall
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Is plaque stable or unstable?
Can be both
Stable plaques cause
Unstable plaques
rupture, release plaques content into blood vessel, clot formation
These are responsible for local inflammation
macrophages releasing inflammatory mediators
Symptoms can be atypical or even silent, typical is provoked with exertion and relieved with rest

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