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The signs and symptoms which people can recognize physical abuse is series of unexplained falls or major injuries. Injuries and bruises at different stages of leaning On adults' body such as having bruising in unusual sites- inner arms, thighs. Seeing fingerprints, abrasions on the head or face deliberately several times. When someone in shy, insecure but didn't used to be but may be a sign of physical abuse. Neglect- Neglect is one of the most common abuses.

It is when person failures to provide necessary care, assistance, guidance or attention to the helpless, defenseless adult that can cause or is reasonable likely to cause the person physical, mental and emotional harm or substantial damage and or loss of assets. Financial abuse- This is when a person involves stealing money of people, not allowing a victim to take part in any financial decisions, preventing the victim from having a job. The form of abuse tends to happen in relationships. Sexual abuse: This abuse can range from rape to inappropriate touching of the body.

Happens when someone is forcing someone to do something sexual that they may not want to engage in but are forced to otherwise there will be consequences. Emotional or psychological abuse: Often happens when a person who is being abused may also be threatened n order to keep them silent as if there not they could tell others and be found out. The victim may be told it's 'our little secret' or that they will lose their accommodation if they tell anyone what has happened as it is often not a good thing happening to them.

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Victims often have continuous put-downs and name-calling in front of others, which often causes humiliation and loss of self-respect and pride in themselves as they often start to believe them. Such actions can lead to horrible things happening such as mental health; self harm, suicide. (UP) explain factors that may lead to abusive situations There are a range of factors that could lead to abusive situations. People who are abused are people who have something different about them to other people as some people may not view this as normal.

Most commonly this could be something like skin color or where you are from, there culture or religion but really anyone who is different from what is seen as 'normal'. A physical or mental disability or health problems can make someone vulnerable as they may think its k to happen to them. For example a person with a mental disability may not be capable of making responsible decisions or themselves and may make things easier to be abused in some way.

Elderly people are vulnerable to from being fraud form people who want money and are often the targets Of telemarketing scams and other crimes. Young people and children can be easily lead with social media etc, a child could meet a 'friend' online and not realist that they are really a bad person such as a photocopied posing as a child and go to meet this 'friend' and get sexually abused in that way. Bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person.

Some of the ways they bully other people are by: calling them names, saying or writing nasty things about them, leaving them out of activities, not talking to them, threatening them, making them feel uncomfortable or scared, taking or damaging their things, hitting or kicking them, or making them do things they don 't want to do. People who are a different culture, color, background, religion etc can be discriminated against them, this can often lead to bullying and psychologically abuse the victim by insulting, tormenting, excluding them because of there well being.

This can lead the victim to self-abuse or it can end up with the abuser hectically abusing them to gain more power over them and feel bigger and better than them by hitting, slapping and beating their victims. Another thing about abuse is gender, gender is also a factor that could lead to abuse. Typically women are seen to be the weaker sex and can generally be overpowered by a man meaning they are vulnerable and a bigger target for abuse. Sexual Abuse in any age is when a person has sexual contact between an adult or older teen and a child.

This type behavior, is often wrong but is used to gain power over the child, person etc. There are many types of sexual buses, some include physical contact or touching offenses. MI) assess the likely immediate effects of two different forms of abuse on the health and well-being of adults Effects of sexual abuse: If an adult is still in a relationship with someone and are being sexually abuse by someone else may then cause friction between them as they may not believe what's happening.

They may also find it difficult watching sexual scenes on the television or in movies and may freak out at this because of what happened and may not know how to explain it. A woman may also feel signal pain due to forced sexual intercourse, this could last for quite a while and can be very uncomfortable for the woman as they may not want to face up to what's happened. For a man being abused outside a relationship they might find erections problems.

When being touched they might feel guilt, fear, anger, disgust or other negative feelings as they may feel that its going to happen again. .њњEffects of Bullying: CLC The experience of being bullied can end up causing lasting damage to victims. And this isn't often seen on the outside but inside the person. The person isn't have to be physical abused but even Words and gestures are quite enough to have a long lasting effect. People often will start to view themselves as a less than desirable, incapable individual.

The first things also is that it becomes more likely that a person will become increasingly susceptible to becoming depressed and/or angry and/or bitter. Being bullied teaches you that you are undesirable, that you are not safe in the world, and (that you are relatively powerless to defend yourself because people may start to believe it. DEL]Some people who are being or have been bullied may tart to self-harm and may have suicidal thoughts and feelings because of how it makes them feel.

The person may be so fed up with the bullying and feel so worthless that they do not see the point in living anymore. Self- harming may be away of the person releasing their anger and pain. In the long-term they may find it difficult interacting with other people in the fear of something hurtful being said to them and will find it difficult trusting other people as previous people haven't trusted them. They may also have an increased tendency of wanting to be alone as they may feel that they are at sees risk of being bullied by others around them.

UP) outline key legislation and regulations which govern safeguarding adult work The Disability Discrimination Act- 1995 but was later updated in 2005- This act tired to aim to put an end to disability discrimination which is aimed at the disabled in any different situations they may face in every day life and defined what disability may be- physical and mental The Mental Capacity Act 2005- The main aim of this act is to try and give help and empowerment to the vulnerable people who are unable to make any decisions by themselves thou people helping them for many reasons such as they may be suffering from a mental illness.

Within the act it states who is able to make the decisions for them and it also allows people to people to plan ahead if one day in the future they would lose the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves. The people who are able to make their decisions on their behalf are family, doctors and social workers.

CLIP C]The Human Rights Act- This Act applies to everyone and the law requires everyone to be able to have each Of the different rights within the act some are; the right to life, the redeem from slavery and forced labor, the right to a fair trial, the right to respect for private and family life, the freedom to express yourself, the right not to be discriminated against in respected of these rights and freedoms, the right to vote when over a certain age, the right to have an education and to be able to challenge public bodies over discrimination.

The Health and Social Care Act 2008- This act aims to make the public health and social care system better by providing mesas re's that will try shrinking the amount of diseases that gets bread around and control it if there is an out break of disease Download this essay Print Save L]Safe Guarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006- C]This act was set up for people who work with children/ young people and also come into care with vulnerable individuals that need to be registered so they can have the care they require.

DC The independent safeguarding authority to be able for deciding who shouldn't be allowed to be working with people that are vulnerable. Act applies to employed people and volunteers Candy there are lists to be taken out for those working with hillier and adults and checks must take place before an individual can work with the vulnerable as they may make them worse. AS: Outline working strategies and procedures used in Health and Social Care to reduce the risk of abuse.

Recruitment of staff-Adults Barred List: This lists aimed at people who are banned from working with vulnerable adults for a number of reasons but the list is there to protect them. It then subdivides them into two categories- those who are automatically barred because they offer a 'risk of threat' to the adults and those who offer a 'very rabble risk of harm' and shouldn't be allowed near them. Employers and providers of services must check a person's status before employing them.

This can be done by doing a CAR check of the person and making sure they provide the correct information about them. Organizational policies: This is Guidelines that are able to provide the basis on which organizations can develop their own policies to sort the type of company and people they are working with. It is important that the local and regional frameworks within the policies, strategies and procedures can be developed between agencies, so the protection of vulnerable adults is the best that it can be.

Codes of practice for nursing and social: Professional codes for any types of practice require professionals to work to high standards in order for things to work the best that they can, and to be able to respect people using services as individuals and minimize the risk to them and harm that could promotional happen. The Nursing and Midwifery Council and the British Association of Social Workers produce such codes for their members, as does the regulatory body-the General Social Care Council.

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