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Group Process Paper

Doing this project on India together with Laura, Patrick, and Tsukasa has been very satisfying.I usually do not like to work in groups because I end up doing everything; however this project was truly an exception.It was a very interesting project in which you learn a lot not only from the assigned country but from the teammates.

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I was pretty much the leader by establishing dates and meetings, and assigning parts to everyone. Still, everyone cooperated equally and very responsibly.

Patrick always had good and interesting information to share, Tsukasa did a superb effort and did her work best as she could, and Laura aided tremendously with the powerpoint presentation. Each team member was very committed and motivated, as well as optimistic. I am glad that we never had any type of conflicts; we pretty much seemed to bond and agree on everything. I guess this is not the typical team project you usually have to do. Beyond that, it is an opportunity to bond and get to know your teammates in a deep way.

We were very lucky to all be international students; and nothing against Americans, but I prefer it! We even went for lunch once and talked a lot about Germany, Japan, and the Dominican Republic. If I had to choose a team for a class project, I would choose my team without thinking about it twice. It was a fun, and interactive project with excellent teammates. We all learned together about India, as well as from our different cultures!

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