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Green Holiday Party

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MEDALLION COUNCIL PROJECT REPORT FORM CATEGORY:Environmental Concerns PROJECT NAME:Green Holiday Party PROJECT DATE(S):December 20, 2012 FHSAA CLASSIFICATION: 8A_ MAIN GOAL(S) OF THIS PROJECT (give specific goals): * To celebrate the holidays in an environmentally sustainable way * To bring the school community together in order to create crafts from recycled materials * For budgeted alternatives on holiday celebration PROJECT DESCRIPTION (50-250 words):

As an eco-friendly way to celebrate the winter holidays, Timber Creek Student Government decided to encourage their students to make the season “green”. To start this project, bins were placed in each classroom for a collection of recycled materials from students and teachers. SGA then gathered the collection of donated materials from Timber Creek and got crafty by turning them into differently designed recycled and biodegradable ornaments. This way, the students can learn more alternatives to decorate for the holidays by spending little to no money.

The assorted ornaments were placed on all of the trees throughout the Timber Creek campus as display for everyone at the school. A separate set of ornaments, bracelets, bowls, and art were made by SGA and put on sale for one dollar in the courtyard for students to purchase during lunch and between classes. The students were amazed with all of the different things you could make with such cheap materials like newspapers, cardboard and plastic that the sales rate became surprisingly high.

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Green Holiday Party

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The ornaments on the trees spread holiday cheer throughout Timber Creek. Timber Creek SGA showed the students that there can be budget-friendly and eco-friendly ways to celebrate the holidays. EVALUATION (Were your goals met? What changes would you make? ) The Green Holiday Party was an environmental and educational success. Timber Creek Student Government was able to sell over 100 recycled and biodegradable ornaments. All of the profits went towards charity to St.

Jude Children’s Research Hospital because all material was donated. Timber Creek students were very involved in this project by purchasing ornaments and walking around the courtyard to notice all of the different-looking ornaments made out of recycled material. The ornaments on the trees spread holiday cheer on the Timber Creek campus. To improve the project next year, SGA could consider asking for donations earlier than just a week prior to the project.

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