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Green Building Eco Friendly Fruit Juice Factory Environmental Sciences Essay

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BOI approved an eco friendly fruit juice mill which has planned to construct within Green Building Concept making with LEED/ GBCSL Platinum rate award in Monaragala City of Sri Lanka. Investor Mr. S.A. Siriwardan is a successful reputed man of affairs in Sri Lanka. The site extent is about 10 estates confronting the River within available good natural environmental resorts. The TEAMS adviser ( Pvt ) Ltd has appointed for this undertaking to plan and Build and besides LEED adviser. This study consist entirely considered indispensable keys steps such as,

Given below are the methods used :

Minimal Disturbance to ecology

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Under this subject will be covered that how to minimise perturbation to ecology, such as Erosions and Sedimentation Control, Site Selection, Alternative Transportation, Reduce Site Disturbance, Storm Water Design, Heat Island Effect, Light Pollution Reduction, Water Efficient Landscaping, Water Use Reduction, Regional Materials etc.

Energy Efficiency

Particularly consider here to explicate increased Energy Efficiency based on 100 % biogas what is Biogas and in add-ons such as, Minimum Energy Performance, Controllability of Systems ( light and thermic control ) etc.

Waste H2O and solid waste direction

Expect here to explicate sustainable waste H2O and solid waste direction system during the building and mill to implement within certain cardinal step such as, Waste H2O, and Solid waste direction.

Hygienic environment

Expect here to explicate proper hygienic environment status to implement for plants and mill under green construct.

This study decision will be to identified/ understands through all accomplishment under green construct ; A sustainable long-last mill, Economically satisfaction, Environmental friendly, Employer satisfaction, Any investors can follow up to better or lift-up their mill concern, Significant aid to economic system development and tourer attractive force, villagers satisfaction and occupation chance to them when sustain.

Table of Content

Introduction 5

1.  Materials and Methods 6

1.1.What is green constructing construct? 6

1.2. How does it use? 6

1.3.Minimum Perturbation to ecology 6

1.3.1.Erosions and Sedimentation Control 6

1.3.2.Site Selection and Reduce Site Disturbance 7

1.3.3.Alternative Transportation 8

1.3.4.Storm Water Design 9

1.3.5.Heat Island Effect 9

1.3.6.Light Pollution Reduction 9

1.3.7.Water Efficient 10

1.3.8.Regional Materials 10

1.4. Energy Efficiency 11

1.4.1.What is energy efficiency? 11

1.4.2.What are alternate energy alcoholics and What is Biogas? 11

1.4.3.How does Biogas use to the mill? 12

1.4.4.Minimum Energy Performance 13

1.5.Waste H2O and solid waste direction 13

1.6. Hygienic environment 14

2. Conclusions and Recommendations 15

3. References 16

4.Word Count 16


Mr. S.A Siriwardan is one of the successful refuted local investor BOI approved ; He intends to put a Fruit Juice Manufacturing Factory in Sri Lanka. Particularly his purpose is to construct the new mill based on green Building construct making with LEED/ GBCSL Platinum rate award. The site extend is approximative around 10 estates faces a River within available good natural environmental resorts, such as valuable trees and exuberant grazes, quality river H2O, uninterrupted daytime and public transit system, and besides adult male operate traditional vas service to traverse the Riva.

The TEAMS adviser ( Pvt ) Ltd has appointed for this undertaking to plan and Build and I, A. Prasantha work as the Lead adviser articulation with their design squad. This study consist entirely see indispensable keys step, such as 'Minimize perturbation to bing ecology ' , '100 % biogas for addition energy efficiency ' , 'Waste H2O intervention and solid waste direction ' and 'Completely hygienic environment ' .

Expect to cover here few indispensable key concern, such as 'Increase the efficiency of H2O ' ( rain H2O storage armored combat vehicle for healthful and landscaping intent ) , 'Energy ' ( Biogas for 100 % energy, natural visible radiation, heat decrease, alternate bulbs led bulb ) and 'Materials ' ( utilizing by native bamboo, doodly-squat, coconut trees lumbers, regional stuff river sand, eco bricks, cement stabilizer crushed rock roads, no picture, eco plaster etc. ) , 'Waste and blow H2O direction system ' ( biogas waste, landscaping waste, and mill waste as fertiliser ) with nothing emanation to protect the bing environment conditions and worker satisfaction ( encouragement, transport shuttle service ) , those proposal have considered to construct mentioning to the conditions and ordinances which are related authorities institutes. Besides minimal perturbation to the native peoples and building procurance based on ICTAD status of contract, eventually by above proposed green construct characteristics Mr. Client will derive long term and short term attractive benefits, such as high quality environmental friendly production and net income, employer satisfaction, sustainability of the investing for long last life.

Materials and Methods

What is green constructing construct?

Harmonizing to the Green edifice Council Sri Lanka Publication ( GBCSL 2010 ) noted, The construct of `` Green Buildings '' purposes at increasing the efficiency with which edifices use resources such as energy, H2O and stuffs while cut downing the impact of edifices on human wellness and its environing environment during its lifecycle, through better design, building, operation, care and remotion and recycling of waste.

How does it use?

Expect to discuses utile methods and proposals within four types of cardinal steps such as, 'Minimum perturbation to ecology ' , 'Energy ' , 'Waste H2O and Solid waste direction, Hygienic environment ' .

Minimal Disturbance to ecology

World house lifecycle retain based on all activities of nature. Any perturbations happen due to human activity. Final results will be unanticipated natural catastrophe. We should be carefully sing this characteristic when design and concept the mill to cut down perturbation to ecology.

Bellow mentioned characteristics are the peculiarly consider to success the purpose.

Erosions and Sedimentation Control

Harmonizing to the leedsuser publication noted, (, GREEN SL AP ) Need to command dirt eroding and to minimise negative impacts of waterway deposit and airborne dust coevals such as, prevent loss of dirt during building, shut off deposit of storm cloaca or having rivulets or air pollution with dust and peculiar affair.

Harmonizing to the site lift and bing status found, such as land lift is below 30 grade and run into river bank at land terminal, available native trees, following methods need to implement to accomplish the purpose.

  • Rock ridges utilizing available bowlders to forestall dirt erodings,
  • Gabion walls to protect river bank,
  • Rock lay down through the of course form storm H2O smugglers.
  • Stormwater measure control with the usage of big stormwater detainment ponds to forestall overflow from the site.
  • Form intermediate ditches to command flow of storm H2O.
  • Water distributing method to forestall signifier dust during the building period.
  • Expose stuffs need to cover, Ex. Bricks, Cements, sand and dry dirt can be covered utilizing coconut trees subdivisions or hana mats. .
  • Avoid waste H2O disposal straight to the land or river,
  • Avoid unneeded digging and Earth film editing.
  • Identify and design proper landscape gardening utilizing bing trees.
  • Followed up Erosion and deposit programs UDA issued.
  • In add-on, survey tea plantation land eroding and deposit control methods.
  • Used methods for storm H2O control ( Tea plantation institute Sri Lanka, P.01 )

Site Selection and Reduce Site Disturbance

  1. When consider following indispensable records and dirges at design phase ; undertaking will accomplish sustain green construct.
  2. Obtain/ follow-up Site and location analysis study which is prepared by propositional organic structure.
  3. District secretarial office records ; mentioning to the no inundation consequence occurred, non used for agricultural activates and no particular wild life wonts etc.
  4. No any other public acquisition refers to the issued LRC license. ( see fond regards )
  5. Need to Follow-up above circumstance to accomplish the purpose, eventually can gain points for the green evaluation.
  6. Reduce Site Disturbance ; Existing natural countries to be conserved and to supply home ground and promote biodiversity need to reconstruct damaged countries.
  7. As Identified to be conserved countries,
  8. River bank, native trees and species, such as, bamboo, Aticks braid,
  9. Existing trees along boundary of the land non necessary to take.
  10. Besides protect gravel entree route north E and west side, when harm during the building period or any other consequence.
  11. Public storm H2O overflow drains through the site,
  12. These needed to protect and reconstruct as stated.

Alternate Transportation system

Under this subject purpose is to cut down pollution and fuel cost from car usage here, therefore identified cardinal masseurs as follows,

  1. Extensive usage of bikes to cut down emanations created by utilizing vehicles for transit.
  2. Native public transit system ; such as Paru service ( ferry ) , surely this is the valuable construct for workers, since river situated towards to the chief route ( Ferry is has made out of treated lumber without motor engine. This is the really common traditional method )
  3. Since this is 10 estates land, recommend to set up building workers impermanent huts and factory lasting staff quarts in side of the land at corner side to avoid car transit and to salvage work clip.
  4. Supply a shuttle service from site to public transit Stationss, such as train station, bus terminus.

Storm Water Design

  1. When design, storm H2O system need due concern for increasing on site infiltration, by cut downing imperviable screen for limit break of natural H2O hydrology. Besides pollution of natural H2O flows by pull offing storm H2O overflow.
  2. Methods and systems have been discussed under eroding and deposit direction.
  3. Within above reference methods under eroding and deposit control and in add-on,
  4. Storm H2O can be used for irrigation.

Heat Island Effect

  1. To cut down heat islands consequence, to be concerned to minimise impact for microclimate, human and wildlife home ground.
  2. Avoid difficult landscape gardening system, such as cement rock pavement, asphalt roads or pathway, auto park steel screen roof.
  3. Use cement dirt stabilizer proficient methods for rods or pathway.
  4. Clay tiles or bricks for pavement,
  5. Grass screens for parking countries or exposed garden to cut down heat contemplation.
  6. Existing trees can be used to cut down heat consequence. When design phase to be concerned for selected trees use cut down heat consequence.
  7. Solar contemplation should be minimal 75 % of roof surface stuff, low roof incline design, steep-sloped type roof.
  8. Certain roof country demand covered by grass at least 50 % of entire roof country.

Light Pollution Decrease

  1. Minimize light trespass from edifices, to be concerned cut down sky-glow ( increase dark sky entree ) , glare decrease, and nocturnal environments perturbation by development impact.
  2. Particularly to be concederd here,
  3. Reduce the unneeded garden security visible radiations,
  4. Use low Watts bulbs to cut down high power brightness spreaders
  5. Traditional ''coppara '' lamps can utilize for garden visible radiation, street visible radiation, chief gate visible radiation expect security intent visible radiation,

Water Efficient

  1. Under the H2O efficiency incensement, there are direct benefits such as, protection of environment, cost nest eggs,
  2. Water Efficient Landscaping/ Water Use Reduction
  3. Native workss used for the landscape to minimise the installing of a lasting irrigation system.
  4. Landscape interior decorator to place local or adaptative works species that require small irrigation, to plan water-efficient irrigation systems, to turn to the possible usage of non-potable H2O
  5. Water-use decrease is a important component for whole undertaking to accomplish green construct points.
  6. Select low capacity cistern H2O cupboards, urinals, lavatory spigots, shower.
  7. Existing H2O lights-outs of lavatories and canteens and remainder suites, and urinals to be fitted with detectors type.
  8. Training should be arranged for staff get to understand sing H2O efficiency.
  9. Rain H2O collect and shop for usage healthful service, landscape demands.

Regional Materials

Identified available stuffs in this country are bamboo lumber, brick, and sand debriss, ruddy crushed rock dirt demand to utilize them for decrease transit emanation, cut down cost of the undertaking, and as economically aid for rural trades.

  1. Cement-stabilized-earth paseos and roads
  2. Location stuff accounted for 40 % of stuff used for building.
  3. Encouragement of rural bargainers when used their productions and sell.

Energy Efficiency

What is energy efficiency?

Harmonizing to the definition of California Center for Sustainable Energy noted ( California Center, 2012 ) , Energy efficiency is the greatest nest eggs and public presentation obtained through an incorporate design procedure ( peculiarly for new building ) .

Common countries of focal point include: energy efficiency can assist ; Operating Costss decrease, Lower Care Costss, increase of Productivity & A ; minimising employee absenteeism, increase of production sale, diminishing edifice waste watercourses, Increase of market recycled content stuffs, enhance of environmental quality & A ; diminishing pollution.

What are alternate energy alcoholics and What is Biogas?

These are few identified important methods in the universe as renewable energy.

  1. Biogas
  2. Solar Power
  3. Wind stat mis
  4. Sea tide
  5. Particularly here intended to proposed biogas system to implement for needed 100 % energy.
  6. Biogas

Harmonizing to the probe of Dicla Training Centre noted ( 2008-2012, Dicla Training Centre ) , Biogas is of course produced when any organic affair decomposes under anaerobiotic conditions ( in the absence of O ) . The gas consists chiefly of methane ( CH4 ) and C dioxide ( CO2 ) in about 3:2 ratios. Methane is the of import constituent, as it is a extremely flammable gas that can be utilized as fuel for cookery, illuming, H2O warmers and, if the sulfur is removed, it can be used to run biogas-fuelled generators to bring forth electricity.

How does Biogas use to the mill?

Identified waste stuffs, to merchandise 100 % power for the mill are,

  1. Fruit juice Production waste ( Fruits wastages )
  2. Landscaping and garden maintained wastages,
  3. Canteen and kitchen wastages.
  4. Sewage,
  5. Advantages:
  6. Produces methane gas that can be used for,
  7. Cooking intents,
  8. Generate electricity,
  9. Water warming.

It prevents methane gas from come ining the ambiance ( methane gas is 20 times more harmful to the environment than CO2 )

It produces organic compost as waste merchandise ( in liquid, slurry or solid signifier )

Biogases produce diagram, ( Dicla Training Centre, p12 )

Within accomplishing sustainable energy efficiency can acquire economically and environmental benefits.

Minimum Energy Performance

  1. Achieve increasing energy public presentation demand concern when design phase as follows reference standards:
  2. Avoid CFC bring forthing equipments include to plan.
  3. Verify and guarantee that the full edifice is designed, constructed, and calibrated to run as intended.
  4. In add-on proposed to increase energy efficiency,
  5. Hot H2O demand made available with a heat recovery system used in air-conditioning
  6. Energy metres installed to supervise nest eggs at regular intervals.
  7. Energy efficient lighting and LED based undertaking visible radiations cut down the energy used for illuming.
  8. low energy chilling systems
  9. The usage of eco bricks in building to assist keep a cool inside.

Waste H2O and solid waste direction

Under this subject expect to suggest following methods to derive sustainable waste direction system to make the end when implement during the building and mill operations.

Waste H2O ; Identified as waste H2O in this undertaking are, Factory disposal H2O, dining and kitchen disposal H2O, Toilet and bathroom disposal H2O, Air conditional machine disposal H2O, biogas generator disposal H2O, vehicle rinsing bay disposal H2O,

  1. Construction of a waste H2O intervention works and usage of treated H2O for irrigation intents in the dry season.
  2. Particularly non to be diverted any waste H2O in to the river or public roads, land, privet lands or belongings.
  3. Waste storage constructed to promote storage and segregation of recyclables.
  4. Solid waste direction ; Fruits merchandise waste during the mill functioning period, building waste, landscaping waste, biogas waste, sewage, canteen, kitchen etc.
  5. 70 % of building waste diverted to landfill, Such as extra excavated dirt, timber off cuts and roots, tree subdivisions, and balance of lumber.
  6. Reinforcement waste, removed trees, valuable stuff which are remained after the building ; those shall used for propose impermanent hut, auto park security huts etc.
  7. Construct storm H2O retains, retaining walls, debriss pave through storm H2O drains to cut down eroding utilizing extra stuffs.
  8. As identified excavated ruddy crushed rock dirt due to foundation digging and Earth film editing ; can be used for doing cement dirt stabilizer brick, plaster and roads surface.
  9. Need to supply proper rubbish bins for plastic, paper, floras, steel, such as used wooden box received machinery, building stuff.
  10. Biogas waste straight to be used as fertiliser for fruits works in above proposed, landscape militant,
  11. In add-ons, extra waste can be used for compost production ; hence it can be usage for landscaping plants and fruit planting.
  12. Besides design shall follow harmonizing to the regulations and ordinance of urban council.

Hygienic environment

Peoples need healthy, safety and comfy life for obtain a sustainable productiveness, therefore necessary to concern following cardinal points to increase proper hygienic environment under the green construct,

  1. To be concerned to better indoor air quality by extra outdoor air airing system.
  2. Implement regulations for fume prohibit in side of the edifice and supply designated smoking country at least 10m off from Windowss, doors, out-of-door air consumption, and common country inside the edifice.
  3. Install lasting monitoring systems for provide feedback on airing system public presentation.
  4. Monitor CO2 concentrations within countries.
  5. Indoor air contaminations measure needs to cut down ( odorous, irritating, and harmful ) .
  6. Supply a comfy thermic environment
  7. Promote societal authorization, community engagement and entree.
  8. Besides demand to see minimise unneeded sound which is generated from building equipments.

All proposals have considered in regard to the conditions and ordinances which are related authorities institutes. Besides minimal perturbation to the native peoples and building procurance based on ICTAD status of contract ; through the above proposed green construct characteristics Mr. Client will derive long term and short term attractive benefits.


Ultimately study comes to decisions which are identified/ understand within study. All achievement under green construct ;

  1. Client have satisfactory addition within a sustainable mill of long-lasting,
  2. Economically satisfaction.
  3. Environmental friendly.
  4. Employer satisfaction and good encouragement to work.
  5. Other investor can follow up to improved or lift-up their mill concern.
  6. Country wise will hold important aid to economic system development.
  7. Tourist attractive force and usage for publicity.
  8. Villagers satisfaction and occupation chance to them when sustain.

And besides this study recommends a new solar works for mill energy if any dislocation to biogas system, Education and developing coder which is related to production, needs to implement, and authorities should go to to encourage/ spread this construct all around state.


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Word count 2565 No 's ( Excludes front page, Executive Summery, Table of content, Reference & A ; Bibliography )

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