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Greece to Alexander the Great

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Who took the throne in Macedonia after King Philip II was assassinated?

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Greece to Alexander the Great

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Alexander's empire did not grow any larger because
his soldiers wanted to stop
Sparta created a military society due to
put down a Helot riot
Who was the famous Greek teacher that instructed Alexander the Great?
Which of the following series of events is in the correct chronological (time) order?
Persian war, Greek Golden Age, Peloponnesian war
Which of the following is an able leader of Athens that helps bring about democracy?
Which of the following statements about the geography of Greece and its effect on the people is true?
Mountains created isolated City States
Which of the following was the place that the Greek soldier ran from to Athens (26.2 miles) carrying the message of victory over the Persians?
Which famous battle, depicted in the movie "300" pitted the Spartans (Greeks) vs. the Persians?
Most of what we know about Socrates comes from the writing of
This pair of people were some of the first historians in Ancient Greece
Thucydidus, Herodotus
Alexander the Great- Fact?
Studied under Aristotle
Which of the following Greek inventors is responsible for developing the pulley and the lever?
The city-state of Sparta was characterized by
The primary purpose of Spartan education was to produce good
good soldiers
Sparta was located on the __________________ peninsula.
Athens is located on the __________________ peninsula.
What type of government was practiced in Athens?
Direct Democracy
What type of government was practiced in Sparta?
Military Oligarchy
City-state who had important philosophical purposes
Capital & largest city in Greece
Prominent city-state in Ancient Greece
A peasant bound to the land
Small group of people that have control over a country, organization, or institution
Fought by Athens against Sparta
Peloponnesian War
A rectangular mass military formation
Greek city-states whose purpose was to continue fighting the Persian empire
Delian League
Statesman, orator, and general of Athens during the Golden Age
King of Hellenic kingdom of Macedon
Period after the death of Alexander the Great
Hellenistic Age
Second largest city in Egypt named by Alexander the Great
Wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey
In Athens, all voters cast votes and make decisions on all issues. Who was able to vote?
All Male citizens
A citadel or complex built on a high hill.
A Greek City

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