Great Society: Big Ideas

School Desegregation Montgomery Bus Boycott Tallahassee Bus Boycott Freedom Rides March on Washington Children’s Crusade Freedom Summer Selma March and Bloody Sunday own words) Boycott – refusal to deal with something, such as a business, as a protest to force some kind of change Civil disobedience – intentional breaking of a law in a nonviolent or passive manner Civil Rights Movement – social movement of the asses ND asses to establish equality and civil rights for African Americans Integration – acceptance and equal access for all people into a group or place Segregation – enforced separation of groups Social activism – use of direct action to bring about social change 7. 03: Minority Rights: The Big Ideas How were the Civil Rights Movement and other social movements of the asses similar? How were women viewed by most of society in the asses? How did this change in the ASSES?

What was the Equal Rights Amendment? What happened to it? Who were the United Farm Workers? How did they fight for their cause? What was the Native American Power movement? How did life change for Native Americans in 1953? What did Native Americans gain through social activism in the asses and early ASSES? Gray Panthers (Who were they and what did they fight for? ) National Organization for Women (NOW) (What were their goals? ) Betty Friedman Phyllis Scholarly Cesar Caves Events (Describe the event, its causes and effects) Civil Rights Act of 1964 (How did it affect different minority groups? ) 1961 – President’s Commission on the Status of Women Title IX was passed

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Great Society: Big Ideas
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