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Grammatical Tenses and English Test Date

Name English Test Date : April 9, 12 G. R. I.

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T Dep. First Year Duration : min Read the following text, then answer the questions below: Sidney Fisk Work: Sidney Fisk is a lawyer. He’s 45 years old . He’s paid very well, but he usually has to work long hours. He works for an international company in Dallas, Texas, so he travels a lot in his job. At the moment he’s working in Mexico, and next week he’s travelling to France. Home Life: Sidney is married and he’s got two children, aged 11 and 14. He rarely sees his children because so much of his time is spent away from home.

He’s got a beautiful house in the suburb of Dallas. It’s very big with eight bedrooms. His wife is an interior designer. Free Time: If he’s at home at the weekend , he and his wife sometimes play golf , but that doesn’t happen very often . They never have much time to relax together . Is he happy : He says he doesn’t know if he’s happy . He’s too busy to think about it . Questions : 1- What are the good things about Sidney’s life ? ( 1pt ) 2- What are the bad things about Sidney’s life ? ( 1 pt ) 3- Do you think his life is exciting or boring ?

Would you like to have a life like Sidney’s ? State why ? (2 pts ) 4- What are the ingredients for happiness in your opinion ? State at least three and justify your answer . ( 1. 5 pt ) 5 – Pick out from the text words that may have the same meaning as the following :(1. 5 pt ) A -Corporation b – go from one place to another c- away from city 6 – Pick out from the text :(2 pts) a- Simple present tense and justify its use b- Present continuous tense c- Two adjectives and state the word each modifies d- Two jobs

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