Gov’t Role of president

The President is the chief __________ when suggesting bills to Congress.
With what two Presidents have the disability provisions come into play?
Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush
The official duties of the Vice President are to preside over the Senate and to
help decide if the President is disabled.
The __________ plan would not use electors to choose a President and Vice President
direct popular election
The __________ plan eliminates the winner-take-all feature of the electoral college.
If adopted, the __________ plan for the electoral college would be similar to the election of Members of Congress.
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The political parties of the Federalists and the __________ were influential in the election of 1800.
Which of the following presidential roles involves making treaties?
chief diplomat
Which of the following was NOT a way in which the election process changed as a result of the election of 1800?
Electors were chosen by popular vote.
Most presidential nominees have been
As the leader of the armed forces, the President is known as the
commander in chief.
The rise of __________ required changes in the electoral system.
political parties
What group of office holders fall in the line of presidential success after the President pro tempore of the Senate?
Cabinet members
Which of the following presidential roles involves leading the Democrats or Republicans?
chief of party
If the President and his cabinet disagree on his ability to fulfill his duties, who decides whether the President continues to govern?
The Democrats nominated people of what two minorities for Vice President?
a woman and a Jew
In which role does the President hold all executive powers?
chief executive
Concerning electors, which of the following was intended by the Framers?
that they be free agents
How many years in office is the top limit for a President?
An amendment placed a limit on the number of terms a President could serve after the four-term tenure of what President?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Which of the following is NOT a requirement to become President of the United States?
have worked in public service for 4 years
In which role does the President direct the executive branch of government?
chief administrator
Which of the following presidential roles involves determining foreign policy?
chief diplomat
As a “representative of all the people,” the President is the
chief citizen
What are the President’s earnings, INCLUDING his expense allowance?
What name describes the President’s role as the ceremonial head of the government?
chief of state
When deciding on the deployment of troops, the President is acting as
commander in chief
The President is the __________ when creating public policy.
chief legislator
How does the Executive branch of government affect a law once it has been passed?
by deciding how to enforce it
Recommending legislation and the power of the veto are the President’s main __________ powers.
The President may NOT appoint __________ in the event of a vacancy.
What has been called “the most loosely drawn chapter” in the nation’s fundamental law?
Article II
Richard Nixon received a __________ from President Gerald Ford.
The Supreme Court found that George W. Bush had overreached his power in what case?
Rasul v. Bush
The War Powers Resolution was passed in reaction to what extended conflict?
The conflict in Vietnam
Some of the framers believed the words of Roger Sherman, who wrote that the executive powers should amount to carrying out the will of the
The president’s power to issue executive orders has been upheld because it is necessary for what?
for the faithful execution of the laws
When a President reduces the sentence or fine for a convicted criminal, he is using what power?
Presidential appointees must be approved by
a majority of the Senate.
The limited Line Item Veto Act of 1996 allowed a President to eliminate tax provisions that did what?
benefited fewer than 100 people
The rule of senatorial courtesy gives what member of the Senate power in some appointments?
Senators from the State where the official will serve who are from the President’s party
Which of the following conflicts was NOT declared as a war or otherwise authorized by Congress?
The Korean War
The reprieve and the pardon are powers of
President Tyler annexed Texas through an
joint resolution
Theodore Roosevelt felt that the role of the chief executive was what?
What new country did Harry Truman recognize in 1948, helping it to survive a war for independence?
An __________ is a diplomat who is sent back to his or her country.
persona non grata
Presidential appointees must be approved by
a majority of the Senate
In order for a pardon to be effective, it must be
accepted by the person to whom it is granted.
Veto power that includes the ability to cancel specific dollar amounts in spending bills is called a __________ veto.