25 Million
According to 2010 census, the population of Texas is approximately
Among the 50 States, Texas currently ranks ______ in population.
The process that involves conflict by groups seeking to influence public policy is referred to as
“A pubic institution that is authorized to allocate values in society” defines
public policy
When the Texas legislature increase the tax on cigarettes, it is implementing.
political culture
the “value, attitudes, traditions, habits, and general behavioral patterns that develop over time and shape the politics of a particular region,” is reffered to as political culture
The approximate land area of Texas, in square miles is
cotton, cattle, oil, and timber
Which of the following land-based industries have been influential in the development of Texas?
Approximately what precent of Texans currently live in metropolitan areas?
Which group of the population in Texas is growing most rapidly?
Texas Education Agency reports that apprximately ___ of the states 250,000 teachers quit per year
Texas has the __ largest number of African Americans in the nation after New York and California
primarily immigrants, having come from Southeast Asia
The Asian American population of Texas is _____
The process of mixing chemicals with sand and water and jecting them into the ground to force out oil and gas from shale below is referred to as ____
undocumented immigrants
Person who enters the US in vioulation of federal immigration laws are referred to as ___
Homeland Security
The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) uis currently under the Department of ___
Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
Which of the following is currently responsible for federal oversight of immmigration issues?
Texas Water Development Board
Which of the following created in 1957 for purposes of state mandated water planning?
increased population, urbanization, and fracking
Texas faces water challenges due to which of the following factors?
plants in Texas upgrade their equipment to reduce toxic emissions
The Environmental Protection Agency has required that
certified personnel
Education in Texas confronts shortages of ____________to instruct at elementary and secondary schools
near the bottom of the fifty states
Texas ranks ________ in addressing poverty and social problems.
Texas Constituion and Texas’s membership in the federal Union
The two sources for the powers of the Texas government to govern are the
federal system
A system of government in which power is divided between a general government and associted regional governments is a(n)
understanding that state constitutions are subject to the US Constituion
Understanding the difference between state government and federal government involves
reserves to the state those powers not delegated to the federal government
the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution
Article VI
The national supremacy clause is found in which article of the US constituion
federal laws enacted under the U.S. Constituion take precedence over state law
According to the national supremacy clause,
delegated powers
Powers specifically stated in the US constituion are refreed to as ____
Implied powers
The “necessary and proper” clause found in Article I, section 8 of the US constituion is an example of which of the following?
delegated powers
The regulation of commerce among the several states by the US congress is an example of a(n)
Implied powers
Congress has expanded the scope of the national government through its grant of
federal govrnment transferring more responsibility to the states but recuding funding
The tend in federal-state relations since the 1980s can best described as the
Offer federal grants-in-aid
In which of the following ways can the federal government influence state policymaking?
broad interpretation of the interstate commerce clause
During the twentieth century the federal government extended its jurisdiction into areas traftionally within the realm of state and local governments principally through
The decline in natonal control over state government is referred to as
How many amendments to the Texas Constitution were adopted between 1876 and 2014?
its specificity and detail
The Texas Constituion has needed hundreds of amendments due to
According to the text, Texas has had _____ constitutions.
lengthy, confusing, and badly written
A good description of the 1876 Texas Constitution would be that it is
Texas Legislature
Amendments to the Texas constitution are proposed by the
Texas voters
Proposed amendments to the state constituion are ratified by
is typically low
Voter turnout for amendments
The US Constitution does not provide for states to leave the Union
in Texas v. White (1869) the US Supreme Court found that _______
special districts, counties, and cities
In Texas, local government come in different forms, which include
Approximately how many incorporated municipalities are there in Texas?
Dillion’s Rule
Which of the following views of local government powers dictrates that local government should only have those powers expressly granted by the state?
Approximately ____ % of Texans resides in cities.
10 % or less
A typical percentage of voters turnout in a Texas muncipal election is ___
The minimum population requirement in Texas for becoming a city is ___
general-law city
In Texas, a community with a population of less than 5,000 may become a(n) ___
home-rule city
In Texas, a city with a population over 5,000 may be incorporated as a _____
establish state law
A city charter does all of the following, except ____
A city law is referred to as a city
municipal government
The form of government that influences the daily lives of citizens the most is ______
the mayor
In House, a strong mayor-council city, ________ appoints the chief of polic and possesses veto power over ordinary majorities in the city council
council members elected by single member districts, a mayor elected at-large within the city, and a mayjor with power to veto council actions
strong mayour council form of government has ______ characteristics
The council-manager form
In Texas home-rule cities, which form of municipal structure prevails?
A mayor with power to veto council actions
Which of the following is not a characteristics of council-manager form of government?
Cities must redistrict every _____ years.
sales tax and property tax
The two largest tax sources for Texas municipalities are _____
commissioners court
Adopting the county’s budget and setting the property tax rate is the duty of the county
Avery v. Midland County (1968)
Which Supreme Court case applied the “one-peso, one-vote”principle to county precincts?
County judge
Which county officials has both adminstrative and judicial responsibilities?
County sheriff
Who has responsibility for keeping the peace in each county?
County auditor
__________ is appointed
the federal government, TEA, and relevant state law
School districts in Texas must operate under the guidelines of
junior and community colleges
The segment of Texas higher education that receives support from property taxes is the ____
political party
An organization that consist of individuals interested in controlling government by winning elections is referred to as a(n)
Democratic and Republican
In Texas, the two leading political parties are the ___
November of even-numbered years
A general election is held in ______
In March of even-numbered years
Primary elections in Texas are usually held
precinct conventions
The lowest level of the temporary party organization in Texas are the
Nomination of delegates to the county convention
Which of the following would be performed at a party’s precinct convention?
Adoption of a party platform
Which of the following tasks is performed every two years at the state party convention?
number of seats each state has in Congress
The number of electoral voters each state receives is equal to the
Reduction of elimination of the graduated income tax
Which policy would a conservative most likely support?
Concerning the “left-right” political divided in Texas, which term would most likely describe a politicians that is generally opposed to government-managed or government-subsidized programs?
Liberal and conservative
Since the 1930s, the terms ____ have meant more to many Texas voters than the names of political parties
Texas being a one-party state
A history of the Texas political party system has tended toward
During the period of Reconstruction that has followed the Civil War (1865-1873) the _______ Party controlled Texas Politics
After Reconstructon, which political party dominated in Texas more than 100 years?
Liberal and conservative Democrats
Between 1900 and 1950, the main political conflict in Texas was between
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Who was the first woman to represent Texas in the US Senate?
George W. Bush
Which Texas governor elected in 1994 was successful as the Republican party’s candidate for President in 2000?
won all statewide races
In the 2002 general elections, Republicans
Kay Bailey Hutchison
The first Texas candidate to receive more than 4 million votes was
four electoral votes (271 to 267)
In the closest presidential election of modern times, Governor Bush deferated Democratic nominee Al Gore by ____ in 2000.
being portrayed as “Washington insider.”
In the 2010 Texas gubernatorial race, Kay Bailey Hutchison was deferated most likely due to her
El Paso Area
Which of the following geographic areas is a Democratic stronghold in Texas?
Texas Pandhandle and Texas South Plains
Which geographic area of Texas is a Republican stronghold?
third party
A political party that is note one of the two major parties is referred to as a
Candidates who run for office with no party affiliation are referred to as
Television ads
Which of the following is the most important communication tool during a campaign?
draw voter preference away from the candidate being attacked
According to studies, negative commercials
political action commitees
Organization created to collect and distribute contributions to political campaigns are referred to as
It applies to candidates running for seats in the Texas legislature
the Campaign Reform Act of 2002
There are no disclosure requirements by candidates
Which of the following does not describe Texas campaign finance regulations for state offices?
more than half of the state’s total population
As a percentage, Texas’s Latino population is
having 28,000 protesters in Dallas opposing the Arizona immigration law
The Lation community showed its political strength strength in May of 2010 by
What percentage of Texas’s African American citizens say that they are Democrats?
voting in elections
For most Texans there principal political activity consist of
literacy test, poll taxes, and grandfather clauses
African American voters were disqualified from voting as a result of
Manipulating legislative district lines to favor a political party or group is referred to as
state legislature
In Texas, the responsibility of redistricting rest with the
lower than the national average
Compared to the rest of the county, voter turnout in Texas is
the repeal of laws that expanded suffrage
Low voter turnout in Texas is attributed to all of the following except
a two-year resident of the state
In order to be qualified to vote in Texas, one must meet all of the following qualification except be
Texas uses permanent voter registration system, eligible voters may register by mail, and Texas mails a voters registration card to voters
voting process in Texas is
clerk or elections administrator
Preparing the official ballot for general elections is done by the county
closed primary
A primary system in which voters must pre-register their party affiliation is referred to as a(n)
Primaries have been possible in Texas since the Terrell Election Law of
closed primaries, where voters declare party membership by voting in the party’s primary
Texas primary elections are, by law, classified as
crossover voting
The practice of many Texans of voting in the Democratic primary and then voting Republican at the general election is called
first Tuesday in March of even-numbered years
Under current law, the first primary election in Texas is held on the
Tuesday following the first Monday in November of even-numbered years
The date of general elections in Texas is the
The number of senators in Texas Legislature is
The Texas House of Representatives consists of ___ members.
Senate, four years; House of Representative, two year; no term-limit
The terms of office for members of the Texas legislature are
140 days, in odd-numbered years
Regular sessions of the Texas legislature meet for
take away previous voter support
Redistricting may be politically difficult for a legislator primarily because it may
local bill
To enact a law applying to the city of Temple, the Texas legislature would pass a
companion bill
A bill submitted to the senate at the same time as in the house is referred to as a
referred to the appropriate committee
On its first reading in the House of Rep a bill is then
interest group
An organization that works with government officials for the purpose of influencing public policy is referred to as a(n)
lobbying government officials regardless of party affiliation
Interest groups try to influence public policy by
getting it members elected to public office
Which of the following would NOT be a goal of an interest group
seeks influence a governmental policy decision
Any organization is considered an interest group when it
which occupational group is least likely to have a large representation in an interest group?
lobbying, campaign financing, providing favors and gifts
Which of the following techniques do interest groups use to influence policy decisions?
Increased to over 1,800
In recent years, registered lobbyists in Texas have
the Texas state capitol building
Ethics laws prohibit a candidate or official from receiving a contribution inside
On the second reading
In the House and Senate, ills are most likely to be debated and perhaps amended
Texas Legislative Council
A representative seeking help in drafting a bill would probably turn to the
unlimited terms
The governor of Texas is constitutionally allowed to serve
The governor of Texas may be removed from office through a precedure known as
line-item veto
Unlike the President, the Texas governor may influence state spending by use of their
pork-barrel politics
When the governor promises not to deny funding for legislator’s pet project, in exchange for support of a governor’s bill, it is referred to as
veto authority
The strongest legislative power of the governor is his
Rick Perry
Through 2005, which governor had vetoed the largest number of bills?
Lieutenant Governor
Which of the following officials primarily serves legislative functions?
Texas Attorney General
Rendering opinions on law and serving as the state’s representative in civil cases is the
Comptroller of Public Accounts
Promiting consistency in accounting across state agencies is the job of the Texas
Secretary of State
The state official for elections and voter registration is the
Avoid the issue of power becoming too centralized
Fragmentation of the Texas executive branch into independent agencies was done by various legislatures to
Around 200
How many state agencies in Texas are substantially independent from the governor?
recommend the merging, abolition, or continuation of state agencies
The mission of the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission is to
sunset review
State agencies are occasionally reorganized, merged, or abolished under a process called
“Red Tape” contributes to the image of most bureaucracies as
the state of Texas
The largest single employers in Texas is
state rules
Decisions by local school boards and superintendents are primarily shaped by
review of textbooks
One of the most contentious issues facing the State Board of Education in recent years has been
Texas governor, with confirmation by the Texas senate
The Texas Commissioner of Education gets into office as a result of an appointment by the
commissioner of education
The Texas Education Agency is headed by the
The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University -College Station
The two “flagship” state universities in Texas are
Social Security Benefits
The Health and Human Services Commission in Texas administers are the following except
to obtain food items in a grocery store
The Lone Star Card is used by a recipient of public assistance
The state-federal program that provides direct cash payments to poor children and their familes is
provide unemployment compensation
The purpose of the payroll tax collected by the Texas Workfore Commission is to
regulation the production of oil and natural gas
Probably the most important duty of the Texas Railroad Commission from the standpoint of the rest of
Public Utilities Commission
Electric providers in Texas are regulated by the
Elimination of government restrictions and allowing free market forces to prevail is called
policies of the national government
The ability of the Public Utilities Commission to regulate communication in Texas is somewhat
The Texas Dept of Transportation (TXDOT) has constructed and maintains more than __________ miles of road and highways
Tourism is the ________ largest industry in the Lone State State
enforces state and some federal air and water quality standards
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Because of its growing population, industry, and irrigation-based agriculture, Texas faces serious shortage of
Texas leads the nation in which renewable energy source?
individual landowners
Under the “rule of capture,” underground water is controlled by
DNA Testing
Which scientific development has shown that some persons sentenced to death actually did not commit the crime?
Civil law
Disputes concerning business contracts, divorce, family matters and personal injury involve
crime less serious than a felony
The term misdemeanor refers to a
exclusive jurisdiction
A court that has specific authority to decide a particular type of case has
original jurisdiction
appellate jurisdiction
A party to a civil case who was dissatisfied with the outcome in the trial court could next proceed to a court with
Justices of the peace in Texas have jurisdiction over all the following, except
transcript of court proceeding is made by a stenographer
The term court of record means that the
capital felony conviction with imposed death sentence
The type of case appealed directly to the Texas Court of Ciminal Appeals is that of a
Texas Supreme Court
Which of the following courts lack criminal jurisdiction?
partisan election
In Texas, nearly all judges are chosen by a
Commission on Judicial Conduct
A Citizen who believes an attorney has behaved unethically while representing him or her should file a complaint with the
provide continuing legal education, discipline, suspended or disbar attorney, and promte high standards of ethical conduct
The State Bar of Texas performs all the following functions
Grand Juries in Texas are composed of __ members
Indictment are prepared in grand jury proceeding if at least _____ members decided that there is enough evidence to warrant a trail
voir dire
The process by which attorneys question potential jurors is called
initiates a civil suit
The term plaintiff refers to the person who
life without parole
The minimum sentence for a capital felony is
“rainy day” fund
Another name for the state’s Economic Stabilization Fund is the
regressive taxes
Taxes that are a greater burden on lower incomes and less so on higher incomes are known as
progressive taxes
Taxes that rely more heavily on revenues from higher incomes are known as
Poorest 20 %
Which group of Texans pay the most in taxes proportional to their income?
not pass a deficit budget
The “pay-as-you-go” system means that the Texas Legislater must
alcohol, mixed drinks, and tobacco
Sin Taxes
State Comptroller of Public Account
In Texas, projected revenue levels are provided to the governor and legislature by the
Wealthy school required to help support a poor school
Under the Robin Hood Plan, Chapter 41 school is a identified as a

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