Government Chapter 6 Review

When a president seeks to improve relations with another country, they are acting in what role?
Foreign policy leader
In the role of symbolic figurehead representing the United States internationally, the president is acting in what role?
Chief of state
What is a major qualification for anyone wishing to become president?
Minimum age of 35
In the electoral college that chooses the president each state gets one vote for every what?
Member of congress
If a president dies in office, who becomes president and serves out his term?
Vice president
Under the Presidential Act of Succession of 1947 the next person in line after the Vice President is the head of what?
House of representatives
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What is sometimes considered to be an informal qualification for president?
Service in the military
Who elects the president?
A vote of the electoral college
What happens if a president becomes disabled?
Vice President takes over presidential duties
What is a natural born citizen?
What is the way in which presidential electors are nominated today?
In a primary election or party convention
What was the original purpose of the electoral college?
Having more enlightened people choose the president
What may the president do without congressional action?
Issue an executive order
Did the Spanish American war have a formal declaration by congress?
When a president proposes a law it is an example of what kind of presidential power?
What is the most effective way for a president to achieve the goal of getting changes made to an important bill when congress is controlled by the other party?
Threatening a veto and negotiating with legislative leaders
When president Ford pardoned president Nixon he exercised which type of power?
What would be an example of an important informal power of the president?
Using the media to persuade the public
What has happened to the power of the presidency in the past few years?
It has increased significantly over time
Want is an example of an executive power of the president?
Appointing an ambassador to France
When may an executive branch employee who serves “at the pleasure of the president” be dismissed by the president?
At any time for any reason
A president who wants to establish rules and regulation for the operation of federal agency may do so by taking what action?
Issuing an executive order
How do the states apportion their electoral votes among the candidates?
Most states use a “winner take all” system, but some states allow the votes to be split
What can a president do to bypass the senate approval that is required for a treaty?
Make an executive agreement instead
What is the maximum length of time a president can commit troops to military action without Congress’s approval, according to the War Powers Act of 1973?
90 days
What is an example of one of the president’s judicial powers?
Granting clemency
What is the presidential veto?
A significant check on congress
What organization forms the heart of the Executive Office of the President?
White House office
What department was created during the 1930s to advise and assist the president in carrying out presidential duties?
Executive office of the president
Under whose administration was the executive office of the president created?
Franklin Roosevelt
What is part of the executive office of the president that produces studies on economic trends?
Council of economic advisors
What has a large staff of civil servants go help both the executive branch and congress?
Office of management and budget
Who is the executive branch official in charge of opening and counting electoral votes for president every four years?
The Vice President
Which Vice President did not run on the same ticket as the president with whom he served?
John Adams
What did the early Vice Presidents often complain about?
Too little to do
What is the title of cabinet department head?
What agency would have the responsibility for responding to a major terrorist incident?
National security council
What is one feature of the national economic council (NEC) that makes it different from the council of economic advisors (CEA)?
The NEC is part of the White House office
What is the right of a president to refuse to release information to congress or a court?
Executive privilege
What is the formal presidential rule or regulation that has the force of law?
Executive order
Want is the presidents role as symbolic figurehead of the US?
Chief of state
Who is the person who manages the White House office?
Chief of staff
What is the postponement of a criminal sentence, or shortening of its length?
What is the art of negotiating with foreign governments?
What is a general pardon granted to a group of people?
Who are those who work in the executive branch on behalf of a specific president?
Who is the second person in the chain of succession if a president dies?
Speaker of the house
What is an arrangement with a foreign government that does not need senate approval?
Executive agreement
What is the organization made up of heads of executive departments?
What is the law saying who would take over if both a president and Vice President died?
Presidential Succession Act
Who is the group that coordinates government wide economic policies?
National economic council
What is the White House work force managed by the chief of staff?
White House office
What is the power to formally recognize the legitimacy of a foreign government?
Diplomatic recognition
What is the group that studies economic trends and events?
Council of economic advisors
What is the umbrella body that includes all major offices working for the president?
Executive office of the president
What is the executive branch body that includes top military forces?
National security council
What is the office that sets policies for the governments purchase of goods and services?
Office of management and budget
What is the law aimed at restricting a presidents power to commit military forces?
War powers resolution