gov quiz tomorrow 21-40 benchmark study guide two

implied powers
what is given to congress to implement their delegated powers?
elastic clause
necessary and proper clause is also known as…
impeachment and removal from office
how can congress discipline federal officials?
House of Representatives
which legislative body can charge officials (impeach)?
the senate
which legislative party has the power to conduct impeachment trials?
the senate
which legislative body has the power to confirm presidential appointments and treaties?
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it goes to the House of Representatives, who vote between the top three electoral candidates
what happens if the electoral college fails to elect a president (which legislative body does the vote go to and what is the process of picking)
the senate votes for a Vice President
what happens if the electoral college fails to elect a Vice President?
denies certain powers to the national legislature
what does Article 1 section 9 of the constitution do?
the nation is in a state of rebellion or has been invaded
under what circumstances can congress suspend the privilege of habeas corpus?
the right of every prisoner to challenge the terms of his or her incarceration in court before a judge
what is habeas corpus
passing export taxes, passing ex post facto laws, withdrawing money from the national treasury without an appropriations law, and favoring one state over another in commerce situations
what are other things that congress is prohibited from doing?
at least 25
how old must a Representative be?
7 years
how long must Representatives have been American citizens?
one must be a resident of the state he/she is representing
what is the final requirement of being a Representative
no. it is by tradition, not law, that they live in the districts they represent
is it mandated by law that representatives live in the district they represent?
2 years
what is the term length for a Representative?
how many terms can a representative serve?
the reapportionment act of 1929 fixed the size of the House at 435
how many representatives are in the house and what law fixed it this way?
the speaker of the house
what is the presiding officer of the House called?