Gov Ch. 13 Edline Qs

The President is the main architect of American foreign policy, making him or her the nation’s
chief diplomat.
Which best describes how the President works with Congress as chief legislator?
He suggests, requests, and insists that Congress pass his laws
An opponent of the 22nd Amendment would most likely argue that it
is undemocratic
What did supporters of the 22nd Amendment want to accomplish?
keep a President from getting too much power
Which limit did the Framers set on how many times a President can be reelected?
no limit
What reasoning did Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, and Reagan use when calling for the repeal of the 22nd Amendment?
The people should determine how long a President should serve.
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The President’s salary
cannot be increased or decreased during a presidential term.
Which of the following is among the benefits provided to a President?
(1 point)
a large expense account to spend as he or she likes
Which set the first guidelines for deciding when a President is disabled?
25th amendment
Before the 25th Amendment, how did the Constitution provide for presidential succession?
The powers and duties of the President, not the office itself, were to be transferred to the Vice President.
Which is the correct line of presidential succession according to the Presidential Succession Act of 1947?
Vice President, Speaker of the House, president pro tempore of the Senate, Secretary of State
Who becomes Acting President if the President becomes disabled?
vice president
The 25th Amendment deals with
Presidential disability
According to the Constitution, presidential disability can be determined by the
Vice president and the cabinet
Who was the President the first time the disability provisions of the 25th Amendment came into play?
Ronald Reagan
Historically, the office of the Vice President has been considered
an office of little real consequence.
When the Vice President’s office is vacant, how is a new Vice President selected?
The President nominates a new Vice President, to be confirmed by a majority congressional vote.
Which is not an option for the President if he or she is unhappy with the Vice President’s work?
fire the vice president
The Constitution provides that the Vice President
presides over the Senate.
A State’s presidential electors are chosen by
The state legislature
Most of the Framers opposed choosing the President by
popular vote
Which determines the number of presidential electors for a state?
members of congress
In the Framers’ original plan, each elector was to cast one vote for two different candidates for President. The person with the second largest number of votes was to fill which office?
Vice President
In the Framers’ original plan, each elector was to cast one vote for two different candidates for President. The person with the second largest number of votes was to fill which office?
by the electoral college
How did presidential electors cause the election crisis of 1800?
they voted a tie for the presidency
The election crisis of 1800 occurred because of the
rise of well-defined parties
he presidential election of 1800 was decided by the
house of representatives
What was the one major change the 12th Amendment made to the electoral college?
The presidential and vice-presidential elections were separated.
Early in the Philadelphia Convention of 1787, most Framers favored selection of the President
By congress
What caused the major parties to stop using congressional caucuses to nominate candidates?
too few people were represented
Why do the political parties award bonus delegates to some states?
because those states have been strong party supporters
What determines the number of delegates each State may send to a national convention?
each party’s national committee
In a State’s presidential primary, voters
either choose convention delegates or express a preference for a candidate.
During the nomination process, political battles are most likely to occur in
presidential primaries in the party out of power
Which is a true statement about primaries?
Each state has a different way of choosing its delegates.
Which describes a caucus?
A local meeting to select delegates to a local convention.
national convention is held to accomplish all of the following except
select the party’s delegates.
Besides having a primary, what other way is there for a state to choose delegates?
caucus-convention method
Which state has held the first delegate-selection contest in every presidential election since 1972?
Which is one of the three main goals of a national convention?
adopting the party’s platform
What is the role of the presidential candidate at a party convention?
giving an acceptance speech
A speech given early at a party convention to set the tone for the convention and the campaign to come is called the
Keynote address
The characteristic most common among presidential nominees has been that most have
Held public office
Historically, few major party presidential candidates have been
Roman Catholics
Which best describes a presidential election campaign?
an all-out effort to win
Who would be least likely to want to engage in a presidential debate?
an incumbent President
Which critical event prevented a U.S. presidential election?
no crisis has prevented a presidential election
States in which the outcome of a presidential election is “too close to call” are called
battleground states
The formal election of the President and Vice President occurs on
January 6
What happens if no presidential candidate wins a majority of electoral votes?
The election is decided in the House of Representatives.
If no person receives a majority of the electoral votes for Vice President, who chooses the Vice President?
the Senate
Which describes the method used to decide a presidential election in the House of Representatives?
Each state gets one vote; it takes a majority of 26 to elect.
How are presidential electors chosen within a state?
A major flaw in the electoral college system is that
the candidate who wins the popular vote might not become President.
Which of the following plans would require an amendment to the Constitution?
Direct popular election