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Google: All Business Details, Marketing Strategies And Analysis

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Company information:

Company name     Alphabet Class A Shares
Founded                 04.09.1998

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Founder(s)              Larry Page, Sergey Brin
Sector                      Internet, Software, Computer hardware
IPO date                 Thursday, 19.08.2004
Location                  Mountain View, California, US

Fundamentals and financials:

Market cup                         $644.2 billion
Revenue                              $99.28 billion
Employees                          75606
Revenue/employee           $1.313 million
Net income                         $19.34 billion
Shares outstanding           692.9 million
Annual earnings/share     $28.03
P/E ratio                               33.17
Company management: Sundar Pichai (Chief Executive Officer, Google Inc.), Larry Page (Chief Executive Officer and Director)


This is not a conventional company. Founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the enterprise has since become the leader in computing and search marketing.

Currently, this enterprise owns properties like YouTube, Blogger, Android, and the aforementioned search engine. Each of these has a huge user share, but when combined, the number becomes staggering. Another important piece of trivia – this enterprise is believed to be the most valuable brand in the world.

Google has been gradually refining its methods and is unlikely to let go of the lead it has generated in recent years. Learn more about this business and how it emerged from humble beginnings to reach the position of leadership with the following materials.

Financial Data

Alphabet reported total revenues of $90.272 billion. Income from operations is said to have been $23.716 billion, and net income from continuing operations reached $19.478 billion.
Total assets are estimated at $167.497 billion. Total stockbrokers’ equity at $139.036 billion.

Google segment itself reported revenues of $89.463 billion which is an increase of 20% over last year’s performance. Cost of revenues was $35.1 billion. Research & development expenses have reached $1.66 billion.

Nat & Friends: Sound Understanding Sneak Peek

Other worthwhile financial details can be found below.


How does this brand market itself? Well, it doesn’t need to. In fact, Google’s search engine is a tool other companies use to fuel their marketing efforts.

Google is an advertising business. There are algorithms in place that deliver relevant ads to relevant consumers. Performance and brand advertising are essential. Users can track performance metrics and gauge the success of their ventures via Webmaster and Analytics tools, but that's the just the tip of the iceberg.
Read more about the company’s marketing efforts by examining these materials.

Structure and Operations

Like any other company that sets out to innovate, Google uses a matrix organizational structure, a seemingly non-hierarchical design. This means that processes carried out by employees are very dynamic and flexible.

Surprisingly, Google is a subsidiary of Alphabet, Inc. A public holding company which emerged in 2015 after a restructuring push. There are two primary segments of Alphabet: Google itself and Other Bets.

A total of 72,053 full-time employees work at the company, and this number will only grow as the company sets out to achieve bigger and better things. Some well-known subsidiaries include Calico, GV, Fiber, Waymo, and Verily.


Google is much more than just a simple search engine.
No matter the scale, intense competition will always pose threats; Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, the list goes on. If the corporation fails to innovate and remain ahead of the curve, it may suffer from reduced revenues.

Since the company generates a substantial part of revenues from advertisements (88%, to be precise), this over-reliance on ads may be detrimental to the success if the marketing landscape changes. This brand’s story is one of triumph and tells how a small, passionate project can hold an IPO and move on to achieve greater things. Explore these analyses to learn more.

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