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Tourism Operations In your own words please share with me your understanding on these concepts. I will be grading on depth of knowledge, practical examples and management techniques of each product or service. Please Use Weekly ADAIR, REPAY and Occupancy% PDF – Performance By Industry Segments For the Week of: February 03, 2013 – February 09, 2013 Forecasting Question: #1 – Your hotel is in Phoenix, Arizona.

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For the Week of: February 03, 2013 – February 9, you’re your Occupancy % is down but your ADAIR and Repay are up. Please share with me in a written response the reason for this variance. In other words why if your occupancy % is down would you ADAIR and Repay be up? If you were the General Manager what would you change or keep the same for next weeks rates and why? Tourist Target Markets – Here is the URL for Hotel Simulator, please review the tourist market segment section for next weeks final.

Please copy and paste this URL into your browser to access. Http://www. Heterosexuality. Com/document/o. L . 1 . HTML #2 – A market segment is simply a group of customers who have common requirements for a product or a service. Below you will see four tourist market segments that you would like to attempt to attract to your hotel: 1) Business – Name two out of the top three influences that are present in each of the business traveler’s decision making process. Why are these so important to the equines traveler? ) Families – Name the three least influential factors in why a family will choose your Hotel over another. 3) International & Affluent Mature.