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Google Analytics

Urchin on Demand, a web statistics analysis program developed by urchin Software Corporation, was used as a basis for developing Google Analytics when Google acquired Urchin Software Corporation in April 2005. This program provides powerful tracking tools for anyone with a web presence. The Customized Reporting tool can help analysts save time by allowing them to organize and present information based on specific metrics and variables Instead of slating through large amounts of data to mind specific Information.

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These variables allow you to collect unique data that Is most important to your business.

These reports can be constructed in ways to make it easy to understand. Also included in this tool are custom alerts that will alert an individual on significant changes in data patterns or when customized thresholds are reached. The Advertising Return on Investment tool track financial goals by tracking sales and revenue and measuring them against the advertising costs. This tool is used in conjunction with two other products – Towards and Decades. Towards is a “cost-per- click” and site-targeted advertising program for banner, text, and media ads.

This model of advertising Is used to direct traffic to specific websites, where the advertiser would pay the publisher of the advertisement each time the ad is clicked by a visitor. Decades Is a salary advertising program, mainly used by website publishers of all sizes to create and place targeted Google advertisements that are often relevant to the website being visited. Decades also lets the website owner provide Google search o site users, while allowing them to earn money by displaying Google Ads on the search results pages.

The Sharing and Communication tool will allow you schedule or send unplanned personalized report emails that contain information that you want to share. Administrative controls are integrated to manage how sensitive data is dispensed and which reports and announcements are available to users on your account. Google Analytics provides a tool that will allow an individual to visualize data being analyzed in a schematic form by way of motion charts, graphs, score cards, and there graphical methods In order to identify trends, patterns, and other comparisons.

Funnels provide a way of visualizing how efficient the pages on an individual’s website can “funnel” or direct visitors to the business owner’s goal. It will Identify which pages result In higher drop-off rates of visitors. The pages Identified for higher drop-off rates can be analyzed to identify the cause of the drop-off in website traffic an metal to more inclemently slut ten needs AT tenet potential customers. Cross Channel and Multimedia Tracking methods allow you to track mobile websites, bile applications, web-enabled mobile devices, flash, social networking, and web 2. Applications. The internal site search function helps you identify with customer’s needs in order to speed up the time to conversion. Google Analytics will provide a business owner with the confidence to make sound business decisions about their web-based business that can be measured by hard data. This data can be used to ensure that an owner can make the proper adjustments to their business as website traffic is analyzed and the needs of their customers are identified in order to examine profits and minimize advertising costs.