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Goal Definition and Performance Indicators in Soft Projects

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“Goal Definition and Performance Indicators in Soft Projects”

Question 1)

·         Strategic Alignment

o   Meeds the  needs felt at the lower levels

o   Be designed for and perceived as allowing improvement sin job performance – with appropriate rewards

o   Be inspired by the ‘best business practices’ and fit into the organizational culture and mandate

o   Be part owned by the people which would have to run and use it

·         Benefits

o   Sense of ownership

o   Control of costs

o   Control of deadlines

o   Improved management strategy and tactics. Its KPI can be gauged by the profitability and customer satisfaction in the coming few years.

·         Deliverables

o   Analysis

o   Options/Alternatives

o   Feasibility Analysis

o   Training and Support

Question 2) Project Planning Problem

The major problem was that the project was under planned.

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Goal Definition and Performance Indicators in Soft Projects

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. The assumptions taken were incorrect thus the budgets were unrealistic, information gathering was uncertain, system was implemented too quickly and the internal and external teams suffered from the difficulty in implementing the project in the real world due to the unplanned jobs.

This problem could have been averted had a more planned approach was taken. This could have been undertaken through a stepwise approach in identifying the problem, generating alternatives though consultation, evaluating alternatives, selecting a solution by involving the internal and external employees, implementing it and finally looking for improvements.

Question 3) Good Project Planning

A good point of the project planning was that the management realized their mistake in the initial phase and worked on it to solve the problem caused by it. They revamped the project plan and didn’t hesitate is dropping the plans they had initially made

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