GLY1880 Topic 10

More fissure eruptions occur in this region than any other region on earth:
True or false: Icelandic fissures eruptions often are characterized by lava fountaining.
True or false: The winter following the introduction of Laki was unusually severe in Europe and North America.
Iceland is on what plate boundary?
The mid Atlantic Ridge
The Laki volcanic region lies almost directly over:
The mantle plume
Which country is the most active volcanic region in the world?
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The great loss of human and animal lives in Iceland after the Laki eruption were caused by:
“The Mist Hardship”
True or false: melting ice in contact with magma makes for quiet nonexplosive volcanic eruptions.
Laki erupted during what year?
The recent eruption of this Icelandic volcano caused the cancellation of thousands of trans Atlantic and European airline flights:
Until World War II Iceland was the territory of this European country.
The eruption of this volcano was the largest (in volume) basaltic eruption during historic time:
Subglacial eruptions can melt massive amounts of ice causing flash floods called:
The volcanic eruptions at Laki were:
Plinian, Strombolian, Hawaiian-style, and phreatomagnetic
True or false: basaltic lava fountains occur both in Hawaii and Iceland.
The year of the Laki eruption this famous American suggested a link between volcanic eruption in Iceland and the unusual weather and atmospheric conditions experienced in Europe:
Ben Franklin
A flat-topped, volcanic summit formed from a subglacial eruption is called a:
The Laki eruption occurred in what country?
Most of icelands livestock died from what byproduct of the Laki eruptions?
Skeletal fluorosis
The capital of Iceland is: