GLY 1880 Topic 8

The Script of Minoans is
a hieroglyphic type of writing called “linear A”
Most of the Clyclades group of Aegean Sea islands represents the submergerd tops of mountains composed of continental crust
the name minoan was given to the Bronze Age civilization of Crete by British acheologist Arthur Evans who named tham after the
Greek mythical King Minos
what happened to the center of Minoan civilization in crete when Santorini exploded?
it was devastated by earthquakes and a tsunami
What famous myth has the destruction of Santorini been associated with
Santorini is at the boundary of these two lithospheric plates
African and the Aegean subplate of the Eurasian plate
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The volume of erupted material ranks Santorini how in regard to historic eruptions
Minoan art was produced strictly for political, religious or other social purposes
Does the post-Minoan eruption and volcanic history of Santorini indicate that it is still an active volcano
The Minoans were wealthy by Bronze Age standards, accumulating that wealth how?
as maritime traders
A famous archeological excavation on Santorini is
Santorini is an island belonging to what country
Minoan women had a measure of equality greater than most of the ancient world
What happened to people of Santorini when the cataclysmic eruption occurred>
most were safe, having already fled
Subduction of this plate and the magma it generates by the subduction has helped create
the south Aegean Volcanic Arc
Radiocarbon ages suggest that the Santorini eruption occurred when?
1627-1600 BC
The center of the Bronze Age civilization of Minoans was on the island of
What style of eruption was Santorini?
The end of the Santorini was marked by formation of a large submarine caldera
Not long after the eruption of Santorini, this civilization replaced the Minoans as the power in the region
Minoan civilization flourished before which of these civilizations
all of these
The rectangular lagoon surrounded by the Santorini islands is
a caldera