GLY 1880 Topic 6

The government agency is responsible for studying earthquakes and making earthquake risk assessments:
the United States Geological Survey
This sub discipline of geology studies pre-historic earthquakes from the geologic record:
Which of the following do the Chinese have the most success with in predicting earthquakes?
Abnormal animal behavior
When an earthquake releases strain on one segment of a fault it can actually increase the probability of an earthquake on another region of the same fault
Which of the following sometimes have been observed as earthquake precursors?
Abnormal animal behavior, localized tiling of the land, abnormal rising and lower of the water table, small earthquake swarms (all of these)
If an earthquake of identical magnitude and identical local geology occurred in a equally populated area of the United States and China, the United States population would likely suffer more damage and loss of life
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Currently the U.S.G.S. earthquake prediction goal is being able to specify a high probability of an earthquake on particular fault within a particular year
Which country would have an older written record of its earthquake activity?
The U.S.G.S. inaccurately predicted earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault near what city?
Since 2001 the U.S.G.S. has successfully predicted four earthquakes within 24 hours of their occurrence