GLY 1880 Topic 14

Nevado del Ruiz had no previous history of causing lahars
What kind of volcano is Nevado del Ruiz?
Volcanoes of what volcanic explosive index can generate lahars?
Lahars are seldom a danger when tens of kilometers from a volcano
What volcanic hazard from Nevado del Ruiz was responsible for the loss of life in the village of Armero
A lahar
There had been no recent volcanic or seismic activity on Nevado del Ruiz in the months prior to the deadly November 13, 1985 eruption:
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Most of those who died in Armero, Columbia, did so from
Crushing injuries and burial
Unfortunately, a volcanic hazards map was not finished prior to the Nevado del Ruiz disaster:
The Columbian government had no knowledge of the danger of Nevado del Ruiz to surrounding communities:
How does the loss of life from the Nevado del Ruiz lahar rank in terms of twentieth century volcanic distasters
Second only to St. Pierre, Martinique
Local officials in Armero were partially at fault for a lack of evacuation
The City of Armero was built on
The floodplain of a river draining from Nevado del Ruiz
What was the source of water to the Nevado del Ruiz lahar?
An ice cap
Do you believe that most large stratovolcanoes in the temperate to high latitudes have permanent snow and/or ice caps?
Nevado del Ruiz is located in the ________ mountains in the country of ________.
Andes, Columbia
Which of the following was to blame for the great loss of life in Armero
All of these
Why did people settle in the Lagunilla River Valley and Armero?
All of these
Swift and efficient disaster response greatly reduced the loss of life in Armero, Columbia, in the days after the disaster
Why wasn’t the volcanic eruption of Nevado del Ruiz detected on the day of Armero’s destruction?
They knew it had erupted
What relationship does volcanism in the Andes have to plate tectonics?
The Andes are above a subduction zone