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Globalization in My Community

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Globalization can be described in a number of different ways; it can describe the empowerment of decision making of dominant nations at the expense of less powerful nations, it can be defined as a force for economic growth prosperity and democratic freedom; but most notably it’s the integration of economic, political, and cultural systems across the globe. Globalization involves the movement of people, goods, ideas and information throughout the world.

It is known to be the intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa (Gibbens’ Globalization). In other words it’s a global domino effect of social, economical, governmental and communicative processes; for example a hotdog restaurant chain from the U. S. can be introduced to China, because of the unhealthy ingredients in their food this lead to an increase in obesity throughout their nation affecting their workforce.

Due to the increase in health risk manufactures in China began to decline in production affecting other nations including the U. S. This is just one example of globalization, but the effects aren’t always negative their can also be positive influences as well but the outcomes can be rather unpredictable. Although relations between two trading nations can be mutually beneficial and positive it can still have a negative effect to another nation’s economy, culture, and/or commerce or vice versa.

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Globalization in My Community

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Globalization has helped shape the world to what it is now, a global chain of fast paced technological advancements devised and shared to improve multiple processes, lifestyles and livelihoods. My community is comprised of many ethnicities and multi-cultural backgrounds, I’m relatively new to the area but from what I have seen thus far showcases an incredible amount of potential for growth and employment. I’m formally a New Yorker who has found a new life in what’s known as the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia).

This area is driven predominately behind government contractual funding which is stimulating the economy and making it one of the most prosperous areas to earn a living. With global occurrences such as the war on terror, U. S. global interest, aiding foreign alliances and military expeditions it isn’t hard to conclude why this predominant military area is influenced by the amount of activity and funding that is developing this areas prosperity. I work as a government contractor for one of the agencies servicing the Department of Defense, having inside visibility sheds light on how the U. S. spends American tax dollars.

When there is global situation whether it’s the deployment of a military task force, or responding to a global disaster, or political indifferences with other nations it results in America responding by either starting a government project or increasing the amount of activity for a current project to take action, aid and counter expected negative outcomes. This results in the government allocating millions of dollars and contracting the work out to government contractors such as Lockheed Martin or Northrop Grumman who then seeks qualified individuals to perform the duties and tasks required.

This type of domino effect has improved the job market, quality of life, promoted growth, and has made this area virtually recession proof for individuals who possess the desired skill set. Nursing, finance/ accounting, security, business, engineering, logistics, and of course information technology are just some examples of specific desired skill set’s that has emerged during a starving recessed nation. A series of chain of events began to occur, home development projects in what use to be low income areas began to grow, construction improvement efforts went underway expanding roads to improve traffic flow, and businesses began to flourish.

Recently this chain of event began a small migration of neighboring states along the east coast to seek better opportunities here in the DMV. According to the Census bureau Northern Virginia has reported an increase in population totaling 2. 62 million in 2010 which is a difference of 2. 12 million reported in 2000 (CRA Census Series). That’s a 23. 9 percent increase over a decade in just one section of the state; the state itself experienced a 54. 9 percent increase overall.

Most notably Loudon county of Virginia reported the most significant increase, in 2000 the population was at 169,599 and in 2010 it more than doubled that number reaching 312,311; this reflects more than an 84 percent increase. These numbers are staggering but cannot be blamed all on the migration of neighboring states; there has also been a significant increase of undocumented and legal immigrant Hipic presence that makes up much the figures presented above. Virginia is home to a large percent of immigrants who have come here due to natural and man-made isasters that have occurred in their former country and because of that they have received or are eligible for legal status through Temporary Protected Status (The Virginia Hipic Chamber of Commerce). Multinational corporation Nicholas Georgantzas, Giddens’ Globalization: Exploring Dynamic Implications, Fordham University, School of Business http://www. setav. org/ups/dosya/15100. pdf http://www. vahcc. com/? page=legislative_committe http://policy-cra. gmu. edu/census/Population%20Change%20in%20Northern%20Virginia. pdf

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