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Global 1 Review Sheet

Global Review Sheet- FINALS * Anthropologist- someone who studies culture * Neolithic revolution agriculture; no more nomads; settlements * River Valley Civilizations (all the civilizations had 2 rivers except for Egypt) * Mesopotamia * Tigris and Euphrates rivers * Egypt * The Nile river * Indus * The Indus and Ganges rivers * China * Huang He and Yangtze rivers * Mesopotamia * Cuneiform * Code of Hammurabi * The laws were the same for all citizens but the punishment were different depending on what social class you belonged to.* Egypt * Hieroglyphics * Pyramids China * Daoism * The Silk Road * The mandate of heaven * Filial piety * Indus * Hinduism * Irrigation * Religion Monotheistic| Judaism(5,000 years old)| Christianity(2012 years old)| Islam(1400 years old)| Place of Worship| Temple| Church| Mosque| Book of Worship| Torah| Bible| Koran| Code of Behavior| 10 commandments| 5 Pillars| * Polytheistic * Hinduism (over 5,00 years old) * Caste system * Reincarnation * Buddhism * Reincarnation, karma, dharma * NO CASTE SYSTEM * 8 fold path and nirvana * GREECE *democracy* * Mountains * City states * Cultural diversity * Islands * Trade * Resources Easily invaded * Mediterranean climate * Alexander the Great * Conquered India, Egypt, and Persia (modern Iran) * Cultural diffusion * Helenistic * Greek + Persian * MIDDLE AGES (500 AD)- fall of the roman empire * Very unstable * Feudalistic : to keep order; stable political system * Manorialism * Castle * Church (Roman Catholic Church; in charge of everything; more power than the king) * Farmland (serf worked the land) * CRUSADES (religious wars) * People joined because they were promised that they would go to heaven * Resulted in cultural diffusion * PLAGUE * Killed ? he population of Europe(short term effect) * Broke down feudalism (long) * Ended the middle ages (long) * JAPAN * Archipelago (trade, resources, invasion) * Mountains (terrace farming) * Ring of Fire (afraid of nature shintoism (1 religion that respects nature; 2 started with the Ring of Fire and then the Japanese started praying to other things) * European FeudalismJapanese Feudalism * MONGOLIAN EMPIRE (good military, order, flat land=easy travel) * Largest empire * Very accepting of other cultures * Isolated Russia from Europe * Cultural diffusion * **Kublai khan and Marco Polo RENASANCE * Rebirth of Greek and Roman culture * Humanism- when the focus is on the individual * Secularism- non religious * Reasoning- people looked to other things when god was no longer a sufficient answer.Ex)science and questioning religion * AZTEC (Mexico) * Calendar and chinampas * MAYAS (Central America) * Calendar and pyramids * INCAS (Peru) * Machu Pichu * Terrace farming * Roads * TRADE ROUTES * Silk road * Connected China with the Middle East and Europe * The Middle East was the middle man; the only way Europe could get goods from China was through the Middle East and that was pricey.

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The silk road carried silk, spices, Buddhism, Confucianism, and caused cultural diffusion, * Trans Sahara Trade * Carried gold, salt, and Islamic religion * Between North and West Africa. * Colombian Exchange * Included Europe and America * To Europe: food * To America: forced Christianity and disease * Triangular Trade * Included Europe, Africa, and America * Africa supplied slaves to work the crops without pay * The slaves were exploited * Atlantic Slave Trade * America and Africa * PROTESTANT REFORMATION * Martin Luther- 95 theses- complaints to church- pope said that he won’t change- Lutheran

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