Glass Castle Study Guide pt.1: pg.1-125 (up to Welch)

Who is the “women on the street” in Chapter 1?
Jeannette’s mom
What does the narrator see out of the window of a taxi when she is on her way to a party
Her mother digging in the trashes
When the narrator returns to her apartment after seeing the “women on the street”, how does she feel when she looks around her apartment and see all her beautiful things. Why does she feel this way?
– The narrator feels bad and a shame.
– She haves all this rich stuff while her mother is digging for food.
When the narrator meets her mother at the Chinese restaurant, she asks her mother what she could do to help her, what is her mother’s response?
I don’t need your help. What makes you think I need your help. She also wants an electrolysis treatment- when a woman looks good she feels good
What type of person is Jeannette?
Resourceful, kind, forgiving, persistently trying to help her mom, tries to move on with her life
What is significant about the last line “‘Just tell the truth,’ Mom said. ‘That’s simple enough'”?
Shows that mom doesn’t care about labels, doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with being homeless
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What is the three year old author doing when she is burned?
Cooking hot dogs.
What does the narrator try for the first time while in the hospital. What does her mother think of it?
– She trys chewing gun.
– The mother hates it. That the nurse should of ask her first.
What is the irony in Jeannette’s father’s words “you don’t have to worry anymore baby. You’re safe now”. When he is taking her from the hospital without her doctor’s permission
That she will be safe from those so call scary doctors. That the doctors won’t hurt her any more.
With what does Jeannette become fascinated after she comes home from the hospital
What happens to the family cat, Quixote?
It wouldn’t stop making noise so the dad through it out the car.
When the family had to get out of town quickly, Jeannette’s dad calls it…
Doing the “Skedaddle”.
With what unusual item did Jeannette’s father once fix a T.V. with
A hard noodle out of an Mac and Cheese box.
From where does the title of the book comes
The dad wanting to build a house out of glass for his family.
Who is Mary Charlene?
Rex and Rose Mary Wall’s second daughter. She died a the age of 9 months in her crib.
What does Rex’s reaction to Mary Charlene’s death tell you about his character
– He actually haves feeling for his kids.
– he was quiet and calm but sad.
What is the funny term that Rex uses for Jeanette’s nose after she falls out of the family car and injures here self on the side of the road
Snot Locker
What strange gift does Rex gives to his children on year for Christmas when money is tight?
A star
In ” Battle Mountain “, Jeannette started a:
Rock Collection.
In Battle Mountain, Jeannette and her brother, Brian, played in a place they called ” The Woods “, what was it really
Junk yard.
What was the family’s ugliest pet
A Buzzer
In what way did the Walls family have the concept of the food chain being illustrated right in their own home
– Cats ate the birds and lizards
– Birds ate lizards and flies.
After a big fight between her parents, Jeannette’s mother gets a job as a…
What was the name of the neighborhood where the Walls family lived in Battle Mountain
Who is the boy with the lop-sided head who wants to be Jeannette’s boyfriend
Billy Deel. Gives her necklace, is with her in shed while she was playing hide and go seek, she gives him back the jewelry after this
Why does the Walls family have to ” do the skedaddle” from Battle Mountain?
The kids got into a gun fight with Billy Deel and have to report to court the next evening. The family can’t go to court bc they don’t pay taxes, so they move again
What unexpected news does Jeannette receive from Rose Mary in the car on the way to Phoenix?
That Grandma Smith died a couple months ago.
What is Rex’s nickname for Jeannette?
– Mountain Goat, because mountain goats can settle any where, and eat anything. Jeannette was like that.
What does Jeannette ask her father on her 10th birthday. Does she get it?
– She ask him to stop drinking.
– Yes and no, he tries to stop for a while and locks himself alone in a room to “detox” and get rid of the demons while screaming and moaning but eventually after a few months he relapses to drinking

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