Gerontology Chapter 7

In the Duke Longitudinal Study
about half of the people who survived into their 80s and 90s reported having sexual interest.
Elder never-married singles
report parallel levels of life satisfaction with married persons.
The concept of—– refers to the need to be close to, part of, and familiar with another person.
Masters and Johnson found no end-point to female or male sexuality set by advancing years.
Studies show no elderly live together without being married.
Study of body attitudes and self- esteem found
Men and women with good self-esteem also had good attitudes regardless of age.
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Sexuality of older people is largely invisible for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
the majority of older people have lost the desire and physiological capacity to have sex.
Of the over 65 population in the U.S.—— are married and live with a spouse.
just under the half
Family sociologists agree that wives experience greater difficulty in coping with the death of a spouse.
Which of the following benefits in the U.S. are available to homosexuals in lifelong relationships as well as to married couples?
None of the above
Compared to older men, old women
are almost half as likely to be married.
Marital satisfaction tends to
decline after the early years, level off in the middle years, and increase during the post-retirement years
There is more support today for divorced than widowed elders
Gender comparisons of marriage and widowhood status reveal
two-thirds of women over age 75 are widows.
Research on sexuality shows
sexuality is central to our lives even in chronic illness or death of a spouse.