Georgia Studies – Chapter 6 Review

What was the capital of Georgia in 1789 when the delegates made changes to the constitutionm? (p. 175)
What river became Georgia’s western boundary after the settlement of the Yazoo land fraud? (p. 178)
Chattahoochee River
What was the original name of the city of Atlanta? (p. 543)
Under what name is the Georgia Female College known today? (p. 188)
Wesleyan College
What was gained from the War of 1812? (p. 190)
it showed that United States was willing to fight for its continued independence
How is a syllabary different from an alphabet? (p. 193)
unlike an alphabet of letters, this is a group of symbols that stand for whole syllables
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In what month did Cherokee leaders meet at New Echota to deal with tribal matters? (p.194)
What Indian chief signed the Treaty of New York? (p. 195)
Chief Alexander McGillivray
How was the Creek chief who signed the Treaty of Indian Springs punished? (p. 196)
The Creek dragged him from his house and stabbed him in the chest. McIntosh’s scalp was taken.
Who was the president when the Indian Removal Act as passed? (p. 197)
Andrew Jackson
Which indian tribes were the first to be removed under the Indian Removal Act? (p. 197)
Where did the Cherokee establish a permanent capital? (p. 203)
New Echota
What treaty ended the Oconee War? (p. 203)
The Treaty of New York