George Washington Carver Quiz

Where was George Washington Carver born?
How did the Carver’s feel about slavery?
They did not agree with it.
What did Susan Carver tell George when he was 8 years old?
About the night they kidnapped his mother.
What was George’s nickname in his community?
The little plant doctor
Why did George want to learn to read and write?
So that he could learn all he wanted to know.
How did George get paints so that he could try painting?
He made them
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Why did George first begin to believe the ‘someone was watching over him’?
A dream that came true.
How old was George when he left home to further his education?
What work did George do to earn his keep at the Watkins’?
Laundry, raking the yard, feeding the chickens.
What gift did the Watkins’ give George that he kept his whole life?
A Bible
Where did he have to go to get a high school education?
Fort Scott, Kansas
What did he witness in his new town that made him decide to leave?
A lynching
Why did George add W as his middle initial?
So his mail wouldn’t get mixed up.
Where did George first apply to college?
Highland college
What kind of business did George often run in order to pay for his schooling?
A laundry business
What happened when George arrived to enroll in this college?
He was turned away because he was black.
Why did George decide to go west?
To claim a homestead.
What did his friend Clara Duncan do to help him?
She told him he needed to go to college.
What college did George first attend?
Simpson college
What class did George insist on taking even though the president advised against it?
Who was Mrs. Liston?
His “adopted mother”
What did Miss Budd suggest to George?
That he studied horticulture.
How did Mrs. Liston’s visit to Iowa State change things for George?
His lab partner began speaking to him, George was allowed to eat in the cafeteria, and people began to accept him socially.
What important thing about soil did George learn studying under Prof. Wallace?
Hoe some plants drain the soil of nutrients.
How did George’s friends surprise him?
They entered his paintings in the state art exhibition.
Once George earned his master’s degree, where did he decide to take a job?
Tuskegee Institute
What was his new position there?
Head of the agriculture department
What restrictions existed in the South that George was not used to living under?
Jim Crow laws
What did Booker T. Washington believe about civil rights for blacks?
That civil rights would be gained if blacks worked hard and proved their worth.
What was George’s teaching style when dealing with a particular subject?
He taught all there was to know about each thing.
What did George create to help educate the local farmers on improved farming practices?
The farmer’s institute
What warning did he receive from the US Department of Agriculture concerning cotton?
That the Boll Weevil was headed to Alabama.
What crops did George encourage the farmers to grow?
Cow peas, sweet potatoes, and peanuts.
How did he help the farmers once they had planted acres of peanuts?
He studied the various uses for the peanut.
What happened when Booker T. Washington was invited to visit the White House?
He received death threats from whites who didn’t approve.
What did George do every Sunday night for 30 years?
Led a Bible study.
What other black leader publicly criticized Booker T. Washington’s ideas about civil rights for blacks?
WEB DuBois
In what ways did George help in the war effort during WWI?
Created a process for dehydrating large amounts of food, created new dyes, and produced a flour substitute from sweet potatoes.
How did he help the US peanut growers get a tax placed on Asian peanuts?
He spoke to a congressional committee.
What protest for civil rights did George participate in at Tuskegee?
For black administrators to be hired at the veterans hospital.
How did Simpson College honor George in 1921?
They awarded him an honorary doctorate degree.
Why was the story of George’s life so inspiring during the Great Depression?
People were struggling and it gave them hope.
What did George decide to create to answer all the questions people had about his life?
A museum
What did George do as a lasting legacy to help other young black students continue his work?
Created the George Washington Foundation.
Carver was which of the following?
Painter, crocheter, and musician.
From what plant did George perfect a method to extract rubber?
In class, we discussed three themes of the book — how there were three factors of George Washington Carver’s life that we read about throughout the book. What were they? (select all correct answers)
Wanting to help others, Building relationships and getting to know people to overcome racial barriers, and making due with what he had.
When was George Washington Carver born?

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