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Central place theory assumes
consumers will purchase goods and services from the nearest store.
In central place theory, threshold refers to
the minimum number of consumers necessary for the supply of a product or service.
The basic sector of an urban area’s economy consists of
the activities that bring in money from outside the area.
The multiplier effect means that
new basic jobs will generate additional non-basic jobs.
The estimated urban share of the world population today is approximately
50 percent.
In the competitive bidding for urban land,
the most accessible parcels command the highest price.
Which of the following statements regarding basic and nonbasic activities is true?
The percentage of jobs in the basic sector tends to decrease as the size of the city increases.
Population density in U.S. central cities is
low at the center, highest in the zone just outside the center, and decreases gradually toward the suburbs.
Social areas of large, complex American and Canadian cities show residential segregation based upon
social status, family status, and ethnicity.
The rank-size rule tells us that the fourth largest urban area in a region will be _______________ the size of the largest urban area.
In the social area analysis of cities, social status is based on all the following factors EXCEPT
The continuously built-up landscape with no reference to the political boundaries that limit the legal city of which it is the extension is called the
urbanized area.
According to the concentric zone model, land uses are arranged in which order, moving outward from the center of the city?
. CBD, zone of transition, zone of industrial workers, zone of better residences, commuter zone
Central place theory predicts all of the following EXCEPT
all towns and cities offer the same products and services.
Central place theory assumes
everyday goods such as groceries have a low threshold while specialized goods have a larger threshold.
Which one of the following types of employees is most representative of a basic worker?
steel worker
In the competitive bidding for land, which type of use usually obtains the most accessible sites?
The main shopping and financial heart of a city is called the
central business district.
The movement of middle-class people to deteriorated portions of the inner city and restoration of deteriorated housing is called
All of the following statements about primate cities are true EXCEPT that they
are located close to the geographic center of the country.
Zoning regulations serve all of the following legitimate purposes EXCEPT
to insure homogeneity of ethnicity in keeping with already existing neighborhood characteristics.
Compared to U.S. settlements, Canadian urban areas of equal population size tend to
have a higher population density.
All of the following fostered suburbanization after World War II in the United States EXCEPT
major improvements to public transit systems.
The urban share of the total population is highest in
North America and Latin America.
Land use types, in order of increasing land values per unit of land, are
agricultural, residential, and commercial.
A city has a total of 200,000 workers, with 100,000 engaged in nonbasic activities. What is the basic/nonbasic ratio?
A. 1 : 1
According to Christaller’s model of central places, towns are surrounded by
hexagonal shaped trade areas.
Before the middle part of the nineteenth century, all major cities in the United States were located adjacent to
navigable waterways.
Central place theory is concerned with
the location, size, and spacing of population centers.
A common locational feature associated with the growth of large cities is
a break-in-bulk location.
In what part of the world do cities commonly have a historic core area contained within the remains of walls and a greenbelt on the periphery?
In general, which of these units has the largest area?
metropolitan area
Manufacturing cities in the United States are most heavily concentrated in the
Northeast to Midwest.
Gentrification is associated with all of the following EXCEPT
rearing children.
Gentrification is associated with all of the following
A.restoration of deteriorated housing and rising property values in the inner-city.
B. displacement of poor residents of the inner-city.
C. accessibility to high-tech and executive jobs.
Which of the following areas of the world reflects the greatest dominance of the automobile in shaping the land use of cities?
United States
World cities are noted for their
control over international production and marketing.
The three most dominant world cities are
London, Tokyo, New York.
The three largest cities in the world in 2007, listed in order, were
Tokyo, Mexico City, and New York.
What is the name used to describe a city with over 10 million in population?
The three largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. listed in order are
New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago
Which of the following U.S. cities has no zoning regulations?