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Generational Diversity Scenarios in the for-Profit and Nonprofit Sectors

In reading both scenarios the generational differences are very clear.In the first situation with Stan and Alex at the Davis Agency the biggest difference was the technological advances that could be under taken to improve process to deal with the client’s needs.Now Stan being an old timer is having a very difficult time trying any new ideas that cut him out of the loop.

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Even though Alex conferred with Connor (who was very satisfied) on his way of doing a project Stan felt as if Alex was being insubordinate so wrote him up.

Unfortunately, when dealing with older individuals that are unwilling to change you will come to an impasse and not be able to best address which way is different or haw the way things are done can be combined in an effort to satisfy both sides. Now in the second scenario you have three different individuals handling a community effort. While all three try to include older members and younger members there always seems to be someone who leaves feeling that their issues or suggestions have fallen on deaf ears.

Now Rick is the one who just doesn’t really care about either side he is a busy man and wants the meetings to go without many interruptions from anyone. This way of approaching the planning of this event leaves all that is involved to try and push their ideas through and walk away feeling as if nothing has been accomplished. While Molly teds to try and find out what is on everyone’s mind she tends to alienate the younger generation whereas they feel their input is not needed. Being that the older residents have been there so long they believe they should have the most input with know the most history.

Unfortunately, Barbara follows the same type of meeting style as Molly although the meetings never stay on task and nothing seems to be accomplished. In both of these scenarios the older generation feels put off by the younger generation. In addition, it is as if the older individuals feel that they have lived a long life and can’t gain any viable or solid information from the younger generation sustaining that they may actually have something valuable to provide. While looking at the issues both of these scenarios faced one must wonder what things brought forth conflict.

Age and length of time within the organization played the biggest part in these conflicts. On both sides the older generation felt that the younger generation was stepping on their toes and disregarding them as unimportant and unknowledgeable. Having been with a company for some 10+ years one tends to get complacent and knows that the way they have been doing things has worked for so long why try something new. In either scenario it would have benefited both organizations to take a look at how processes could be improved by going viral (out on the World Wide Web).

Cutting out some of the face to face meetings would allow more time in recruiting client’s (at the Davis Agency) and cutting down on meetings (within the Bay Street Friends). The technological advances while the older generation is afraid that something will go amiss they have to consider their clients and the people they are serving. The numerous people that one is able to reach with the advances would allow business to multiply as well as the number of donations. When dealing with generational diversity and issues one has to always approach with caution.

There are various different impacts when it comes to terminating an employee, due to the laws in place and the EEOC one must be sure that the reasons for terminating any employee do not have to do with Race, Age, Sex, or Religion. A company could get into very serious trouble for firing someone due to their age. I believe in the scenario of Stan and Alex the age difference is a problem in the way of thinking and dealing with clients. When Stan wrote Alex up for insubordination it was not because Alex didn’t perform his job exceedingly and abundantly well it was that he circumvented Stan’s procedure to be included and see the project.

Now one could say that Alex over steeped his bounds yet we must remember that Connor (now running the company) felt that this was the best way to meet the client’s needs and was very impressed. Both of the scenarios made very valid points for the Veterans and Gen-Xer’s yet they failed to find a common ground that both sides can agree on when trying to generate business or donations. Veteran’s can try to learn from the Gen-Xer’s by not discounting what they say and the Gen-Xer’s can try some empathy with veterans.

In addition, the Gen-Xer’s shouldn’t be so quick to discount the veteran’s and what they know, there are some valuable lessons to be learned from the older generation. Although, the older generation has some very valuable input they must be willing to change with the times and allow growth whether it be for profit or nonprofit. The only way either sector can be successful is to utilize the input from both sides and come up with a collaborative effort that each side can be satisfied with.

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