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Gender, Race and Class

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Disability is the condition of inability to perform any task or activity due to the presence of any physical or mental disability. Disabilities that are found in the bodily parts of a person apart from any other mental or psychological problem are called Physical disabilities. Such disabilities include inability to speak, walk, see, hear, or write (ArticleDoctor, 2009).

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Mental disabilities involve the inability or abnormality in the intellectual process or mind of a person, or anything that relates to the mind or cognition.

Such disabilities include the incapability to think properly, inability to understand other’s emotions or talks, and mental retardation. Whereas, learning disabilities are those in which the cognitive functioning of a person doesn’t work up to the mark for the purpose of learning and acquiring skills. This may also include the inability of building up of tacit knowledge. In such case, whatever is taught to an individual is not understood, learned, or retained by him. Now let’s discuss how and why such disabilities are found in human beings.

First, genetic disability is the one that is transferred to a person through his or her parents. In such case, the genes that are found in a woman, for instance inability to hear, are usually transferred to the child. Congenital disability is the one that exists at birth and not hereditary. This may be caused due to some occurrence of problem in the development of fetus. Whereas disability that is transferred to a person from the environment or other people, is called acquired disability.