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Gd Topics

Every candle has its shadow. • Has computer revolution lead to unemployment in India? • Tube lights are better than bulbs. • Red.

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• Everyone likes it hot. • India – Sustained growth is a mirage. • Globalizations – a boon or bane? • Advertising – A necessary evil. • One can make a difference. • Indian youth – unemployed or unemployable? • Corruption is the main outcome of democracy in India. • Life is an onion. • Human capital of India. • Blue. • The impact of TV on society? • Has election lost its importance in India? • Prohibition should be implemented across India. Media is a mixed blessing / how ethical is media? • Television news channels cannot replace newspapers. • Film stars should not smoke in public. • Foreign television channels are destroying our culture. • Are we responsible for environmental imbalance? • Quality is a myth in India. • Indian villages – our strength or our weakness? • Cricket is destroying other sports in India.

• Mobile is a social evil. • Are women really safe in India? • Are marriages becoming a business in India? • India should have a compulsory military training. • Does banning fashion show and New Year parties save our culture? Responsibility of Politicians in Today’s Politics. • The costs of war are incalculable. • Man exploits nature for his own ends but nature often has the last word. • The IPL will damage Indian cricket. • Gandhism is not relevant today. • Reservation in the education institutions for the OBCs is a welcome step. • The western life – style is harming Indians. • India shining – myth or reality. • The changing face of youth in India. • Success is all about attitude. • Multinational Companies: a threat to Indian industries. • Would we be able to use our mental faculties or completely dependent on machines?