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GCSE statistics coursework

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In this coursework I am going to investigate the affect that age has on the car. I am going to look at price, engine size, mileage, and age of the car. By the end of the coursework I am aiming to have a set of results about how the cars are affected by the age, price and mileage.

My prediction should show that

* As the car increases its price will decrease

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GCSE statistics coursework

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* The higher the mileage the price will decrease.


I am going to be collecting a sample of 100 cars. I will find mean, median, mode and range for some certain makes of cars, from the data I have been given. I will then represent my data by the following diagrams

* Bar charts

* Tally charts

* Pie charts

* Standard deviation (mean and mean deviation)

* Scatter diagrams.

The reason why I am doing so many diagrams is to give a clear understanding and also to give the reader a pictorial view about what is happening, and also I must say to get more accurate results. The diagrams would maintain a clear understanding and show what is happening to the cars and what people prefer according to their engine size. After each of the diagram I would explain how I did the diagram and what people prefer and why. I would compare the mean, median and mode to support my hypothesis. At the end of the coursework I would be doing a conclusion explaining what has happened and why.

I am going to calculate the number of each type of car according to its age and mileage. I would provide my entire hypothesis to get more accurate results and also to include my prediction. I would provide me working on computer to avoid biased results and also to get more accurate results. I think doing my investigation on computer would give a better pictorial view than by hand.

I predict that as the age of car increases the mileage would increase. I think that this is because an older car would have been driven more than a new car and therefore

Remember. This is just a sample.
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