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Gay Marraige

Please, Just imagine this. You’re young, it’s the start of summer and you’re out with your favorite group of friends, soaking up the sunshine and relaxing. You all decide to leave the park, and go for a stroll down to town.

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You pass by a brightly lit up bar, it’s got music pumping through the doormen and it looks alive. Heart racing, you tell everyone you all should go in and check it out. You slowly walk through the door frame and can see happy people everywhere, men and women dancing to their hearts content.

Your eyes scan the room and suddenly your eyes are fixed on a person. Their face is lit up with excitement of the moment, and then their eyes are fixed on you, they smile and call you over to dance. You follow them onto the dance floor and the best night of your life unfolds. It’s now been 3 years; you’re madly in love with that one person you met at the bar. You’re living together, loving every minute you spend with each other.

You want to take a step forward, take it to the next level and spend the rest of your lives together, officially, legally. But you’re denied this opportunity by the government; same sex marriage is illegal in Australia. The bill that my party would like to put forward is to legalize same sex marriage. In my opinion, same sex marriage would be a great opportunity for social progress. Two people who love each other should be able to publicly celebrate their commitment.

It does not and should not hurt anybody else if it was allowed, and denying them is a violation of freedom. Denying them this opportunity can cause serious psychological damage and can make them feel little and not a part of the community. By allowing same sex marriage, it helps adoption because there are any problems with gay couples choosing to conceive a child, since 2000 the adoption by same sex couples has doubled.

Allowing same sex marriage will almost guarantee that the adoption rate will rise even higher. Gay marriage is recognized, supported and legal in twelve different countries already. Now it’s Australia’s turn to Jump onto the band wagon. Introduction of same- sex marriage laws has varied by Jurisdiction, being variously accomplished through a legislative change to marriage laws, a court ruling based on constitutional guarantees f equality, or by direct popular vote.

By providing the opportunity of same sex marriage it gives both people in the relationship hospital access during an injury or illness. It will allow them to have family health benefits, taxation and inheritance rights. In all fairness it would benefit us all, as a community in many different ways and should be legalized. It will bring people together, give us all the equal rights we should be entitled to and will end happily in the long run. Help us all close the gap within same sex marriage, bring forward social progress and