Fundamentals of Chiropractic

When was the Kung Fou Document written?
2700 BCE
What was the Nei Jing and the Yellow Emperor?
An internal medicine/manipulation study ordered by the first emperor of China
Yellow Emperor: the first Chinese Emperor
Mentioned manipulation as a part of good health care.
Who was Hippocrates and what did he do and say relating to the spine?
Father of Medicine
Recognized that subluxations (displacements) of the vertebrae have an effect on the nervous system
Used several methods to reduce misalignments
EX: Succussion
a form of traction where the patient is suspended upside down and the treat shakes him
Recognized different degrees of displacement of the vertebrae and attempted correction accordingly
Who was Avicenna (Ibn Sina)?
Greatest Muslim Philosopher and Physician
Greatest Medieval Physician
Doctors of Doctors
used a board to correct the spine
Who were the Bonesetters and describe the profession of bonesetting?
Art of manipulation passed down through family members; manipulation of the spine
Stretched, massaged, and manipulated spines and the rest of the joints of the body
Who was Sir Percival Pott?
President of the British Medical Society (BMS)
Believed that all spinal malformations and problems stemmed from tuberculosis of the spine (Pott’s Disease)
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When was the first chiropractic adjustment given, by whom, to whom, and where?
Mr. Harvey Lillard
by D.D. Palmer
Sept. 1895
4th floor of the Ryan building in Davenport, Iowa
What was the difference between chiropractic and osteopathy?
– concerned with nerve impulses
– specific manipulations based on a structural diagnosis
– rule of artery
– concerned with blood flow
– non-specific manipulations
When was the PSC founded?
Palmer School of Chiropractic
by DD Palmer
When was the first ACA founded and by whom?
by DD Palmer
What was the name of the first chiropractic textbook, when was it published, and who were the authors?
Modernized Chiropractic by Langworthy, Smith, and Paxton
When was Dr. D.D. Palmer born and where?
rural Pickering, Ontario, Canada
March 7, 1845
What was the name of the textbook written by Dr. D.D. Palmer, and when was it published?
The Chiropractor’s Adjuster in 1910
How many theories of chiropractic did D.D. Palmer have before his death?
Who was B.J. Palmer, D.C.?
son of D.D. Palmer
15th Palmer graduate
Dr. Lust
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
Nature Cure
Henry Lindlahr
Dr. Oakley Smith
D.D. Palmer
Andrew Taylor Still
Christian Science
Mary Baker Eddy
Physical Culture
Benar MacFadden
7th Day Adventists
Ellen G. White
What was the magnetic healing in the time of D.D. Palmer?
all about “inflammation”
Who was Solon Langworthy, D.C.?
First to use word “subluxation”; in first grad. Class of DD Palmers PSC. Authored Modernized Chiropractic
Who was Minora Paxson, D.C.?
First licensed chiropractor; co-wrote 1st textbook; 1st woman DC
Who was the Rev. Samuel Weed, and what was his contribution to chiropractic?
Helped DD come up w/name “chiro” “old dad chiro”
Who was Joy Loban, D.C., and what did he do?
Found UCC; left PSC when BJ bought X-ray
When was the UCA founded, and what was its initial purpose?
1906; to provide legal counsel for straight DCs
Who was Willard Carver, D.C.?
Pioneer in chiro ed. Who founded 7 schools; DC & lawyer
Who was Silva Ashworth, D.C.?
Grandma of chiro, “Grand Old Lady of Chiro”
When was the first chiropractic practice law passed by a state legislature, and when was the first chiropractic practice law enacted?
1905 in Minnesota (vetoed); 1913 in Kansas
What was the Neurocalometer, and what was the significance of its development to the profession of chiropractic?
2-pronged spinal-heat sensing device supposedly detected subluxations better than any palpating DC
saved DCs from themselves
decline of B.J. Palmer’s influence
Who was John Nugent, D.C.?
1905 graduate of PSC
started rival school National School of Chiropractic
moved school to Chicago in 1908
What were the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) (all 5, National Chiropractic Association (NCA), Chiropractic Health Bureau (CHB), and International Chiropractors’ Association (ICA))? When were they founded? Why/what was their purpose? Who founded them?
– 1905
– by Langworth

– 1930

– Sept. 4, 1926
– So BJ could continue his influence and legal support of chiros
– by BJ Palmer

– 1941
– So BJ could continue his influence

Who was Harvey Lillard, and what ailment did he have that was helped by D.D. Palmer?
1st chiropractic patient
Who was Thomas Morris, LL.B., and what was his contribution to chiropractic?
Defender of chiropractic
What was the first state to enact a chiropractic practice law?
1913 Kansas
What was the first state legislature that passed a chiropractic practice law?
1905 Minnesota
Who was Abraham Flexner, Ph.D.?
hired by Carnegie Foundation to evaluate medical education
Flexner’s Report of 1910
When was the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners founded?
What is the Council on Chiropractic Education?
Arose from the NCA Committed on Educational Standards in 1947
In 1953, made the 4 year curriculum standard
In 1968, adopted 2 year preprofessional requirement
In 1974, US Office of Education recognized CCE as official accrediting
agency of all chiropractic colleges
When did the U.S. Office of Education grant the CCE recognition as the sole accrediting body for chiropractic educational institutions?
What is the ACC paradigm?
Association of Chiropractic Colleges
written in 1996
adopted by ACA, ICA, WFC, CCSA, WCA
What was the Aquarian-Age Healing and who founded it?
Hurley & Sanders; study of distortion as it relates to everything in the universe
What did HB Logan do (occupation) before he decided to study chiropractic?
Railroad conductor
When was HB Logan born and where?
March 21, 1881
Clinton, Iowa
What was the ailment HB suffered from to seek chiropractic care, and who was his chiropractor?
Dr. CP Huey, DC
Where did HB Logan graduate from and when?
Universal Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa
Where did Vinton Logan graduate from and when?
Universal Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa
What was did Vinton Logan going to study before he decided to study chiropractic?
When was Logan College founded (International Chiropractic Research Foundation College of Chiropractic, Logan Basic College of Chiropractic, Logan University), and where?
4490 Lindell
When was the Universal Health – Basic Technique first taught and where?
When was the first full spine (14 x 36) x-ray developed and by whom?
Dr. Warren Sasser, DC
How many students started in the first class of Logan College?
How many students were there in the first graduation class?
What was the International Chiropractic Research Foundation, and when was it founed, and what was its purpose?
attendees of Logans seminars
split 1977
What was the International Basic Technique Research Institute (IBTRI)?
When was it started?
started in 1938
When did the college move to the Normandy campus?
Nov. 6, 1936
What was the “Old Main?”
name of the old large classroom/clinic/men’s dorm on Normandy campus
Who were Dr. Art and Violet Nickson, and what did they do?
HB’s nephew and wife; 1st class; helped run school; started archives
Who was Roy Marlow, DC? What was the Marlow system?
invented cluster booking
When was the first student strike, and what was the main cause?
HB Logan
When did HB Logan die, and what from?
1944 from a heart attack
What were the years that H.B. Logan, D.C. was president of Logan College?
Who was the second president of Logan College, and what were the years he was president?
Vinton Logan
What was the “Logan Family,” and who first coined the term?
Vinton Logan, if born on campus you received free tuition
What was the “World Posture Queen Contest,” and who started it?
Who was Claire O’Dell, D.C.?
headed the World Posture Queen Contest
When did Beatrice Boysen, D.C. graduate?
Who was Fern Schmutzler, D.C., and what did she do?
Grad 1939; helped to write the first Logan Basic Methods textbook
When was the first Logan Basic Methods textbook published and who write it?
Vinton and Fern
Logan Basic Methods in 1950
When did Vinton Logan, D.C. die?
Who was the third president of Logan College?
When did Carver College join with Logan College, and why?
financial hardships
When was Missouri College founded, and by who?
by Coyler, Harring Schulte
When did Missouri College join with Logan College?
Who was the first, second, and third president of Missouri Chiropractic College?
Coyler, Harring, Reinert
Who was Otto Reinert, D.C.?
3rd President of Missouri College
Diversified Technique Professor
When did Willard Carver die?
What was the relationship of Willard Carver to DD Palmer and BJ Palmer?
When did William Coggins become President of Logan College?
Who was Dean and then Vice-President of Logan College during the Coggins years, and what was his relationship to HB Logan, DC?
Casey, Nephrew
Who was Ray Sabourin, D.C.?
created and sponsored Indy 500 car
Who was Otto Reinhert, DC?
3rd president of Missouri Chiropractic College
What was the “Chiropractic Special”?
When did Logan College move to the Chesterfield Campus?
What was the price of the Chesterfield campus?
$1.8 million (deal of the century)
Who was Fred Gehl, D.C.?
founded Chesterfield campus
Where was the “new cadaver shack” on the Chesterfield campus before the Science Building was constructed?
G48, 49, and 50
When was the faculty revolt that changed how Logan College was administered?
Who lead the faculty revolt?
Bert Hanicke, Johnson, John Triano
Who was Bert Hanicke, D.C, and what did he do during his 50 years with Logan College?
Dr. Hanicke was a professor at Logan College of Chiropractic for 48 years until his retirement in 2004 and maintained a private practice of chiropractic for over 50 years until his passing. He was a founding member and 2nd President of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and served on many boards within the chiropractic profession. He had a long career as a postgraduate instructor in several chiropractic specialties, including European electroacupuncture and applied kinesiology.
From his obituary
Who was (were) given the last PhC degrees that Logan awarded and when?
Goodman and Gehl
Who was D. P. Casey, D.C. and when did he die? What was dedicated in his name?
south driveway
When did William Coggins, D.C., step down as president and who became the fourth president of Logan College?
Ted (MT) Morter
Who was the administration building dedicated to and when?
Coggins in 1991
What technique did the fourth president push on this campus which lead to his dismissal?
How long was Morter president of Logan College?
Who was the fifth president of Logan College and when did she become president?
Dr. Beatrice Hagen
1st woman president
What position did Hagen hold prior to becoming president?
last 3 years as board chair
Logan Board of Trustees
What year did she become president?
Besides president of Logan College, what other post was she elected president of and why was that significant?
What year was the Dale C. Montgomery, D.C. Health Center dedicated?
Who was the first female Chairperson of the CCE?
Beatrice Hagen
When was the Ergonomics, Research and Science building dedicated?
Who became the sixth president of Logan College and when?
Dr. Goodman
January 1993
When was the Learning Resources Center dedicated?
When was the Purser Center dedicated?
2007 ($22 million)
When was the Standard Process Student Center dedicated? What was it before it was constructed?
Where is the new Educational Wing/Assessment center?
Hugh B Logan
Vinton Logan
William N Coggins
Ted Morter
Beatrice Hagan
George A. Goodman
Clay McDonald