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Jarina, Jeremiah 4.1.2013 English 0310 Professor Renfro Importance of Friendship Friendship is an important aspect in everyone’s life.

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To some people it may be trivial and not essential in life but to me it is because of friends I am the person I am today. My friends helped me mold my personality and changed my habits for the better. Some friends may be fake towards me and some may be truly honest and enlightening. It’s very rare to find someone who knows it all and someone would understand. A friend who knows my flaws and accepts them is someone everyone should have in life.

Friends are important sources of companionship and recreation, to share advice and value their time; they serve as trusted confidants and critics, act as loyal allies and provide stability in times of need. There are three main aspects that define what the meaning of friendship is. True friendship should have trust, understanding and loyalty. To know the characteristics between these words and its counterparts. A friend is not only someone to enjoy spending time with but also someone with who to share trust the most important aspect in friendship.

Acquaintances and socialize with are often mistaken for friends because of an established sense of trust, but a true friendship with a best friend is based on an unwavering bond of trust. To have trust is to be able to rely in the capability and strength of someone else. There are few friends I can confidently say I can completely trust. My best friends who I trust in will do their utmost for me, whenever I need help with something or when I need advice. There are also people who have friends who are untrustworthy, friends who they cannot rely on times of need with something or ask for advice.

People who do not believe and rely on a friend that would be there on times of need then the relationship that they have is not true friendship. To know who are the trusted and the untrustworthy will benefit me in life to a long-run. The characteristics between trust and untrustworthy is whether or not I can rely on a friend that has a capability and strength to do something with. To build trust between each other will only strengthen the bond of friendship. To understand one another completely is not easy to do but it is one of the characteristics that is important in a friend.

Understanding in a friendship allows sympathy and compassion towards each other in situations. While understanding and accepting are completely diverse words, it is with understanding I can learn to accept the flaws, attitude and personality of the other person. With understanding people can share each other’s secrets and share advice which they should have. My opinion and interpretation of friends will determine how I look at them and treat them. Then there is misunderstanding between friends that also happens.

If there is no understanding there will be no acceptance of each other’s personality and there will be a lot of disagreements, this will only make things harder as friends. Friends who understand each other’s feelings and emotions will last long through time. As long as there is understanding amongst friends it will be the glue that keeps the friendship intact. Having loyal friends can be a rewarding experience but there is a separation between having loyalty and disloyalty among friends. The meaning of a loyal friend is to be cooperative and faithful.

It is a feeling of devotion and affection between friends that defines what loyalty means. People usually are mistaken of what a loyal friend is. It takes time and maturity for an individual to notice the signs of a loyal friend. Having loyalty creates faith in a friendship. A loyal friend will always be there in times of needs. On the other hand, a disloyal friend won’t be there to guide and help me throughout of my life. Knowing which friends are loyal and disloyal while watching out for hints and signs will help people to avoid potential times of distress.

On my opinion, loyalty in its essence makes the trust and faith stronger that my best friends will be there for me. Finding a friendship that has all these aspects and characteristics is hard to come by. With these aspects I learn to accept their past, present and support their future. The true meaning of friendship is to know how to gain trust in a friend and knowing that they will be there for me in any situation in life. To understand each other’s feelings, personality and flaws while also accepting everything that they are. With strong friendship it helps me to have faith that they will not deceive me and always be loyal to me.

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