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Friedrich Vocab and Questions

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Friedrich Vocab and Questions

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What happens on Friday night at Friedrich's house?

• They celebrate the Sabbath with a ceremony.
• family game night
• They are arrested.

Grandfather is accepting of those who are different from him.

• True
• False

Why did the Narrator's family not eat lunch?

• They were full from all they had eaten at the amusement park.
• They only eat two meals a day.
• They spent all their money at the amusement park.

Who is telling the story of Friedrich?

• a first person narrator
• Friedrich Schneider
• a third person narrator

Why is Father so uneasy at the amusement park?

• He doesn't have much money.
• He is missing a job interview.
• He is fearful that they are being watched.

How do the two families celebrate the first day of school?

• by going to the amusement park
• by going to a museum
• by going to the city zoo

How do the two families know each other?

• They attend the same church.
• They met at a party.
• They live in the same apartment building

Which of the following groups of words best characterizes Grandfather?

• delightful, caring
• demanding, prejudiced
• quiet, loving

Why does Mother instruct her child to "step away from the window" in the chapter "Snow"?

• Herr Resch screamed at Friedrich.
• So they could surprise Father.
• The police were looking for an intruder.

What does the hunchback force all the young men at the meeting to say?

• "The Jews are our affliction!"
• "Only Christians are favorable to God!"

Why does Frau Schneider become so upset?

• Her husband is forced to retire.
• Her husband has been murdered.
• Her husband has been arrested by the police.

What does Friedrich wear on his black kerchief?

• a Star of David emblem
• a Nazi ring
• an American flag pin

The narrator broke the shop's glass window.

• True
• False

What is Friedrich blamed for in the chapter "The Ball"?

• Breaking a glass window.
• Stealing bread from the bakery.
• Being Jewish.

The narrator's father sides with Herr Resch in "Conversation on the Stairs".

• True
• False

Why does Herr Resch take Herr Schneider to civil court?

• Herr Schneider is a Jew living in his apartment building.
• He suspects Friedrich's father is stealing food from his home.
• The Schneiders have not paid their rent.

Friedrich is allowed to stay at school for a little while longer.

• True
• False

What concerns Friedrich's father in the chapter "In the Department Store"?

• Fraulein Ewert sees him talking to the customers.
• The narrator's father has joined the Nazi party.
• He can't afford the cost of the toys.

Herr Neudorf teaches Friedrich's class about the:

• scientific method
• way Jews cannot be trusted
• history and persecution of the Jews

The narrator's father advises Herr Schneider to leave the country for his family's safety.

• True
• False

Friedrich does not swim in the pool because he is Jewish.

• True
• False

Helga gives a(n)_______ to Friedrich as a gift.

• apple
• pink rose
• Star of David

Herr Neudorf, Friedrich's former teacher, gives Friedrich a Bible with his name engraved on the front cover.

• True
• False

Herr Schuster can best be described as:

• weak
• tough and strict
• tolerant and understanding

In the Lamps chapter, Herr Schneider receives a letter that says:

• he has an opportunity to get out of the country
• his wife is dead
• they are being kicked out of their apartment
• Friedrich must report to Nazi headquarters

The narrator does not participate in the Pogrom.

• True
• False

Helga refuses to associate with Friedrich.

• True
• False

No one wants Friedrich in the air raid shelter.

• True
• False

Why does Herr Schneider say that he is "dying of fear"?

• Friedrich must report to Nazi headquarters.
• He is hiding the rabbi.
• He's afraid he will be accused of murdering his wife.

amusement park
Where was the picture that Friedrich wants taken?
Herr Resch
Who is the vulture?
n which chapter do we see a reversal of family fortunes?
Who encourages Herr Schneider to leave the country?
"Why should I endanger them all? I am old, I know how to bear it. And the King of the Universe, His name be praised, will help me."
"...I have become a member of the NSDAP because I believe it's of advantage to my family and myself."
Herr Schuster
"Now we'll show them over there what German boys are made of. I expect perfect timing. Is that understood?"
Would it make you feel better if we sat here?"
"Wednesdays are club nights. We can bring strangers only on Wednesdays. But you'd better not mention right away that you're a Jew."
"I do not wish the boy to associate with this Jew!"
the sergeant
"And even if it were but a dog, you'd let him stay until the raid is over."
the judge
"Has the defendant lived in your house for ten years, as he says, and have you always known that he is a Jew?"
"You know, the snapshot on the horse. I know you have it. Please, may I have it?"
Herr Schneider
"Yes, I'm upset, but I can't help it. I'm afraid. I'm dying of fear!"
Herr Resch
"His luck that he died this way."
"Fight for your life!" was a (________) plastered on the wall of the Jungvolk meeting place.
To give friendly earnest advice or encourage
feeling or showing sorrow and remorse for a sin or shortcoming
a severe or formal reproof
to become driven back
to free
a general truth, fundamental principle or rule of conduct
something that causes pain
a sudden or violent twist
feeling or showing deep and solemn respect
comfort (someone) at a time of grief or disappointment
irritate intensely
beg someone earnestly or desperately to do something
no conspicuous or attracting attention
attempting to avoid notice or attention, typically because of guilt or a belief that discovery would lead to trouble
assent or agree to a demand, request, or treaty
to show or represent by a picture
(river or road) to follow a winding course
critize in an abusive or angrily insulting manner
assert or confirm as a result of one's own experience that something is true or accurately described

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