Friday Night Lights – Comprehension

Who is Boobie Miles and what happens to him at the beginning of the book?
One of the main characters, a player on the football team. He has a career ending ankle injury during a scrimmage before the season even starts.
From what view point is this book told?
The authors view point as the narrator and an outside viewer of the team.
Who is Brain Chavez and why is he not like the other players?
He is the only Hispanic starter on the team, and school is very important to him, unlike his team mates. He has a goal of going to Harvard.
What is a watermelon feed?
It is when the Permian football team is introduced to the rest of the town, it takes place in the high school cafeteria. Everyone comes and dresses in all black (the main Permian color) and with the yearbook to get the players autographs.
Mike Winchell was a coaches dream, except for one thing. What was it?
He thinks too much, he doesn’t just follow his instincts and breaks down under pressure.
What Changed for Don Billingsley’s father (charlie) when he went to high school?
He was no longer as important, and easily replaceable at Texas A & M so he went to a smaller school, but got in trouble and left. Ended up moving from job to job and now lives out his dream through his son.
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Explain the two races of black people.
There are those who are hard working and easy to get along with and they are respected and called black.
But there are the people who they call ******s, the ones who are loud, lazy and live off of welfare.
Who is Lanita Akins?
One of the only people in Odessa who finds the word ****** offensive.
What is Odessa’s version of the Berlin wall?
The rail road tracks. It goes through the middle of the town, and is a symbol of the barrier that is between the two races.
Why didn’t the city of Odessa shift the students around to achieve desegregation?
It would ruin the football program, which was not something they were willing to do, so nothing ever happened to change it.
What happened once desegregation finally went through?
The black kids started enrolling in the other schools and playing for the Permian team and dominating. As a result the stadium was filled with both black and white people (one of very few places).
Why is the Marshall game so important?
It is the first game for the Permian’s to lose out of conference in 9 years. It also brings up Questions on weather Coach Gaines can get them to the championship again.
What does school mean to the majority of kids living Odessa?
They have more important things to do or focus on, and being book smart is not a priority. People would rather be sitting on the bench with the football team than have the number 2 spot in their senior class. Most girls are the same, they want the football players to notice them, they “dumb down” to get their attention and hope to marry well. Football is more important and this problem has increased since the 70s. The teachers are losing their control and motivation with the students doing the same thing.
Where is most of the Permian high school funding going?
to the football program. very little goes to any of the other classes. Their main priority at Permian HS is football.
When Boobie finally comes back what happens?
He is not nearly the player he was before, he is scared about is knee and is discouraged by the fact that he is no longer the star but just a has been. He has to watch Comer take over his dream and his life. Its amazing the difference 5 games can make.
What was the difference between the two towns of Odessa and Midland?
Midland was full of rich snobs as the people of Odessa would say, and the people of Midland thought of the people of Odessa to be rednecks, money burners and drunks.
What happened to people during the boom?
random people were making lots and lots of money, but some didnt know how to handle it and ended up going bankrupt like Aaron from Midland.
What did the loss at Midland lee mean for the Panthers?
A three way tie for first place in the district, and only two teams can go to the playoffs. There was now a chance that they might not make it.
What determines who goes to the play offs?
A coin toss. The simple flipping of a coin, after 3 very successful seasons from all 3 teams, their fate comes down to weather or not their coach has a lucky toss.
How did Boobie feel when he was finally able to come back and play?
He is sad but also frustrated because he can not play like he used to, and he lost a lot of ground to the other players while he was out because he was not able to stay in shape.
What continues to happen to Mike as the season goes on?
His quietly lived dream becomes closer and closer, he is becoming better than he ever thought he could and his season is definitely a great one.
Who was the Permian’s biggest rival?
The high school of Odessa.
What was the town of Odessa known for, other than football?
Being the top murder place in the state of Texas.
What was the chant at the games and what did it mean?
It was MOJO, and it was just meant to be an encouraging tradition.
What physically separated the blacks and the whites in Odessa?
The railroad tracks and the schools

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