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How I Spend My Free Time

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There are lots of pleasure grounds all over the world. I think everywhere there are pubs, discoes, clubs, etc. We go out with my friends especially to pubs where we can chat, listen to music, dance and eat something. But the garden parties are more friendlier and cheaper. We usually organize barbecues with children, this time they can play and run in the garden.

I usually go to a wellness-weekend with my husband once a year in winter because we work a lot all of the year. There are some well-known spas in Hungary, for example, Hévíz and Hajdúszoboszló, and many people, including foreigners, go there.

A hobby is an activity that you like doing and do quite often. Hobbies are a form of recreation. If you have a hobby, it’s easier to regain energy after a hard day’s work. Depending on the type of the hobby, you can also make friends.

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Unfortunately, many Hungarians spend their free time at home watching TV. But there are some who do some physical activities regularly, like swimming, aerobics or hiking. Nowadays many young people spend much of their time playing computer games either at home or in internet cafes.

I think men and women usually have different kinds of hobbies, for example, very few women go fishing and they are not so interested in extreme sports, either. On the other hand, men generally aren’t interested in needlework or pottery. In my opinion both men and women do gardening but they tend to do different jobs in the garden. Women like dealing with flowers, they weed the flowerbeds, plant new varieties and they design the whole garden. Men usually prune the trees, trim the hedges and mow the lawn.

Collecting stamps, coins, autographs, phone cards, beer mats or napkins, model building, doing needlework or woodwork, pottery, basketry, playing an instrument and dancing are indoor hobbies, while hiking, mountaineering, caving, sailing, fishing, canoeing and bird-watching are outdoor hobbies. My sister’s hobbies are collecting phone cards and diary writing. I like reading about feng-shui and I like to be an Avon consultant. I used to play handball for years, nowadays I only watch handball games on TV.

As far as I know, the English like playing golf and cricket, and there are quite a few soccer fans among them. They often mow the lawn and wash their cars at weekends, while some British people go to horse races to bet or just to watch the race.

Some Americans go to baseball and basketball games regularly to support their teams. But there are others who prefer staying at home and watching these games on TV while eating snacks.

I think Hungarian people collect the same things that people like collecting all over the world, mostly stamps and coins.

If we considered a sport that many people pursue popular, the most popular sport in Hungary are football, handball, hiking and aerobics. If a popular sport means a sport that many people watch, besides football and handball, the most popular sports are Formula 1 racing, water polo and boxing.

How I Spend My Free Time essay

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