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A Revolutionary People at War Argumentative Essay

It was the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War and first blood had been drawn at Lexington. Once Lexington had served to bring out the capabilities of the Redcoats against the fragile militias of the colonies, the need for an armed defense for on a …

PeopleRevolutionRevolutionary War
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The American Revolutionary War

One of the greatest reasons as to why there was the revolution in the America during the regime of British colonization was as a result of excessive taxation by the British. (more…)

American RevolutionRevolutionary WarTax
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Wealth of the Nation and the First Industrial Revolution

Wealth has had many factors that contribute to the meaning given by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2009), which defines wealth as “abundance of material possessions or resources.” (more…)

GovernmentIndustrial Revolution
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Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte Comparison

Hitler and Napoleon had numerous differences; however I believe there were more similarities.  Both leaders immigrated in the country they ended up ruling; both conquered most of European countries; both had radical views about wars, and both were surprisingly fast in their fighting. (more…)

Adolf HitlerCultureNapoleon
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Agricultural Revolution of the 10th Century

This paper will look at the Agrarian revolution that occurred in 10th century and the resulting effects on the political, social, cultural and economic conditions in Europe. (more…)

Agricultural RevolutionAgricultureCapitalismCivilizationCultural Revolution
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A Man without Ambition is Like a Woman without Beauty

All the process of human development is led by the man, to my mind. Maybe I would be blamed by some kind of feminists, but I’m totally convinced of this statement. The most of great explores, inventions, technologies were created by men. As a consequence …

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Why is the revolution important?
The Revolution brought together the thirteen colonies. Each colony had its own history and unique identity. They fought against new imperial regulations. Rebellion followed by a shared struggle to be independent.
Was the Revolutionary War successful?
French assistance to the Continental Army at Yorktown, Virginia, 1781 helped the Americans win their independence. But, fighting would not cease officially until 1783.

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