Essays on Negotiations

Essays on Negotiations

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Types of Power in a Negotiation

What are the five types of power? Referent- power that comes from admiration or respect from others subject to such power Reward- power that comes from using rewards as a way to get things accomplished Legitimate- having a title that grants power, such as CEO …

Decision MakingNegotiations
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Catastrophe Model of Construction Dispute Negotiation Behavior

The construction industry is apparently one of the major sectors of Hong Kong construction economy, and as Kenneth and Sai (2006) noted, buildings, the result of construction industry’s activities, are part of the built environment in which several human activities occur. (more…)

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What is the importance of negotiation?
Negotiation is key for getting ahead in your workplace, resolving any conflicts and creating value in contracts. It's simple to avoid conflict between personal and professional relationships.
What are the 5 negotiation styles?
Negotiators can choose to negotiate in one of five styles: collaborative, accommodating. avoiding. compromising.

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