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Marketing the public libraries

This website bases its maps from the surveys conducted by the 2005 American community survey (http://www. nkca. ucla. edu). It explains what the survey is about which is to collect housing, demographic and socioeconomic data. This is done from the US households. The website highlights …

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Broward County Library System

Libraries fulfill an important role in the society. They house books, journals and publications and make them available to the public. Through libraries, the advancement of knowledge is assured and people have a place to go to in securing important information for research and other …

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Library Assignment

The survival of business organizations nowadays rely on their capacity to evolve with the changing demands and needs of their clients. Moreover, competitive advantage lies in a business organization’s ability to provide more distinctive goods and services than what any other business establishment can offer. …

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin made the proposition that his friends and himself consider pooling together their respective books in a common place to facilitate ease and convenience of use by all members. Franklin made this suggestion at a meeting that his Book Club was having at Mr. …

Benjamin FranklinChristianityLibraryVirtue
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Building Teams and Work Groups

Man is a social being, from the individual level, he transcends to the next level-the group level followed by the organizational level, then by the institutional level and lastly he is integrated in the society. Therefore, to work with others in different field is inevitable. …

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Benefits of the Internet

Reviews and investigation have concluded that the Internet was one of the most important inventions in the last years, and its development is growing every day. People’s lives have changed since this technology arrived. (more…)

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Building a Strong Community Partnership

The idea of creating school-family community partnership is good. However, some statements do not make much sense and there are many vague parts. The essay was not very well written and there are a couple of grammatical and spelling errors. There are errors when it …

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Human Observation

Mobile phones are conveniences but can impinge on the privacy of other people. Generally every place of public interaction regulates that people should switch of their mobile phones. However it is observed that this code of conduct is constantly violated. (Ralph, 2002). Repeated violations of …

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Baby Bargains

According to Buckland’s journal Information as Thing, information is situational. As such, it must be useful to a user in a particular situation to be considered relevant. The book Baby Bargains is both useful and relevant to all first-time parents in preparation for the upcoming …

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying in Foreign Universities

During this era, students who have completed their secondary studies may want to further their studies in local universities or foreign universities. The students may either find a job after leaving their school or further their studies in university. Some of the well to do …

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A comparison and contrast Between the works of whitman and hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne and Walt Whitman were both well-known story-authors of their own time. Their enthusiasm in presenting the details of their stories in a more realistic yet humorous approach have made it possible for them to understand the ways by which readers really opt to …

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Comparison of Filing Systems

Everyday, 21 million general office documents, 76 million letters, 234 million photocopies, and 6oo million computer printouts, all in paper, are produced by organizations in America alone. These figures came out from a study by the International Data Corp. All of these amount to paper-based …

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A Defense of an Uncensored Worldwide Web

The fight for an uncensored worldwide web is, of course, characterized with conflicting principles and values. Although this can be resolved by the courts and other government agencies, there is no doubt that such resolution would not in any way mitigate or stop the struggle. …

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What is the importance of library?
Libraries play a vital role as cultural gateways and information centers. Libraries are a hub of knowledge and culture. They offer resources and services that support literacy and education and help shape new ideas and perspectives.
What library means to me?
"A library for my purposes is a place where I can find knowledge. It has many different books, all from different topics. Everybody can go and read. It is a great place to study, or deep work. Everyone respects the silence so I can work in peace.
Why do I love my school library?
We take the books home and read them before returning them. We return the books after reading them. I love the library at school because I can discover so many things through books. Every week I look forward to the library class. This is where I can gain a deeper understanding of the world, and expand my knowledge.
What is Library and its uses?
A library is a space where books, information and other resources are stored. They make it easier for people for various reasons to have access to them. Libraries are useful and inexpensive. Libraries include books and magazines, newspapers, videos, DVDs, manuscripts, etc.

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