Essays on Iran

Essays on Iran

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Xerxes Debate – Prosecution Building Programs * Economic decline was related to his excessive building programs. * Even though his building programs were impressive he neglected other parts of the empire. * Olmstead: “Xerxes was more interested in completing the magnificent structures begun by his …

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Iran Nuclear Program

I) Introduction Iran started their nuclear program since 1979 and claimed that the purpose is “for peaceful” but the West believes that Iran is developing weapons. The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency published a report which complained that it had been unable to “provide credible …

International RelationsIranNuclear Energy
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Digging to America Book written by Anne Tyler

Pulitzer Prize winner, Anne Tyler has brought a fictional group of characters to real life in her 17th novel, Digging to America. Bonding two vastly different families on a chance meeting at an airport, ones all-American the other Iranian immigrants, she assimilates present US culture …

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Essays on Iran
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Mongols are Ruthless and Barbarians

In the 13 century a small tribe from the steppes of central Asia conquered much of the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The tribe was known as the Mongol warriors. The Mongols were ruthless and very barbaric. While the Mongols conquered many countries they didn’t …

AdulteryHow Barbaric Were the BarbariansIranMongols
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British Patrol

British Patrol started way back in 1908 (Yergin 18). Its commencement was marked when oil was found in Persia in a very rugged place after seven years of intensive oil search. The Company had invested a lot of fortunes into this search and this almost …

Essay ExamplesIranPetroleum
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Ibn Battuta Critical Analysis

According to Mian (2008), ‘“ The great American playwright Tennessee Williams once remarked, “Attempt voyages. There is nothing else”’ (P. 41). Although Ibn Battuta (full name being Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta alias Shams ad –Din) was born centuries before Tennessee Williams made this remark, …

AfghanistаnIbn BattutaIndiaIranIslamPakistan
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Alexander The Great In Afghanistan

Alexander the great was born in Pella, Macedonia in 350 B. C. His father who was the Macedonia King Philippe died when Alexander was 20 years after being killed in a Persia’s battle. He immediately replaced the position of his father. Alexander had several talents …

AfghanistаnAlexander GreatEmpireGovernanceIran
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A Frail Economy Raises Pressure on Iran’s Rulers

The news slated in New York Times dated February 3, 2008 regarding gas shortage on a very cold winter days of modern Iran is a manifestation of the growing decline of local government insufficiency to regulate multinational corporations. (more…)

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Unended War and Intervention in Iraq

Iraqi people might find already immuned of the uproar in different areas in Iraq. The tragedies that were happened more than two decades ago and are still happening nowadays are really marked the history of Middle Eastern conflict. Such bombings, bombarding, invasion, and protests are …

Essay ExamplesIranMilitary
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The arguments put forth by Camille Pecastaing

The arguments put forth by Camille Pecastaing, in her article named “A Brief History of the Next War,” are mainly based on the international system. While analyzing the book ‘Iran, The Choice of Arms?’ an international security analysis by François Heisbourg, she exposes the major …

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What Iran is famous for?
Iran has one among the most significant, richest and oldest art heritages. This includes literature and music as well as dance, music, music, poetry, design, metalworking, stonemasonry, calligraphy and metalworking.
How would you describe Iran?
Iran is a country that is mountainous, arid but rich in ethnic diversity. It's located in Southwest Asia. Iran's central plateau is surrounded by tall mountains, which provide access to the interior from high passes. Most people live on the edges of this implacable, unwaterable waste.

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