Essays on International Relations

Essays on International Relations

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Review Idealism and Realism in International Relations.

Question: – Review idealism and realism in international relations. Introduction When studying international relations as an academic discipline studying about Idealism and realism is a major concern. These two approaches are used widely when it comes to decision making procedures. In idealism the decisions are …

International RelationsRealismRelation
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Iran Nuclear Program

I) Introduction Iran started their nuclear program since 1979 and claimed that the purpose is “for peaceful” but the West believes that Iran is developing weapons. The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency published a report which complained that it had been unable to “provide credible …

International RelationsIranNuclear Energy
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Japan: stopping Nuclear Proliferation

The question of Nuclear Proliferation must be qualified as to whether or not it depends on the proliferation of nuclear weapons or on the proliferation of nuclear energy facilities. In response to the first type of nuclear proliferation, which is the proliferation of nuclear weapons, …

International RelationsNorth KoreaPolitics
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Is Foreign Aid Is Blessing Or Curse?

Since the time of independence Pakistan has been facing macroeconomic exertions, such as vicious circle of poverty, less utilization of available natural resources, unfavorable political circumstances that influenced domestic economy and so on. To seize the deficiency, Pakistan has had to depend greatly on financial …

Foreign AidPakistanPovertyTax
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Italian Unification

To what extent did foreign intervention impact the Italian unification movement? Italy, 1870. The unification movement of Italy has just been completed, the movement that could not have been successful without the efforts of Italy itself. Though foreign intervention was a minimal part of the …

International RelationsItalyPolitics
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Moscow Communist Party

Boris Yeltsin proved to be an invincible leader. In the year 1985 he was made the first secretary to the Moscow Communist Party by President Mikhail Gorbachev. In the succeeding year he was elected to the Politburo. Subsequently, he was made the chairman of the …

International RelationsPoliticsSoviet Union
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The Clinton Administration

In a more modern sense, the conflicts in Bosnia, Somalia, and Rwanda were liberal efforts to assist the U. N. in maintaining humanitarian ideals throughout the globe. The Clinton administration could not gain support for these efforts from Congress, which showed that we had a …

CrimeGenocideUnited Nations
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Foreign Aid and the Development of African Nations

The African Nations, particularly those lying in the Sub-Saharan region have been subject to poverty, inadequate financial resources of their respective governments, lack of proper infrastructure and essential services like health, sanitation and water supply. These countries have also long been plagued by corrupt leaders, …

AfricaCorruptionForeign AidInfrastructurePoverty
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Genocide in Rwanda: International Response

In the course of a hundred days in 1994, over 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu were killed in the Rwandan genocide. It was the fastest, most efficient killing spree of the twentieth century. My thesis is that the international community utterly failed to prevent and …

International RelationsPoliticsRwanda
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The Failed Offensive

The year 1961 saw the attempt of Cuban exiles to replace the Cuban government led by Fidel Castro, and it was on April 17 on the same year when aerial bombings were launched as an attack by a coalition backed by the United States against …

CubaFidel CastroInternational Relations
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Operation Zapata

Operation Zapata, or invasion in the Bay of Pigs, was developed by the CIA as a way to replace Castro’ s regime by non-communist government friendly to the USA. The initial plan of the operation was revised greatly: “Kennedy thought the plan exposed the role …

Cuban Missile CrisisInternational RelationsMilitary
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Balance of power: East African Region

The last half of the nineteenth century saw most of the African countries gaining political independence. However, their united voice in the fight against colonialists seemed to last only for as long as the colonial powers was still in charge of the continents political affairs. …

AfricaInternational RelationsRwandaSocialism
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Summary and Reflection

The article contains a piece of history because in a way, it talks about how the Cold War started based on the point of view of an editor named Charles L. Mee. (more…)

Cold WarInternational RelationsPolitics
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What is the purpose of international relations theory essay?
International Relations (IR theory) theory aims provide a framework to analyze international relations. ... The other type of theory you will find is the critical one. This theory aims to help you become more aware of those situations and give you an emancipatory perspective.

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