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Being argumentative by nature, an exemplification essay is a paper that uses specific examples for proving the point. For instance, if you need to write about the drawbacks of a totalitarian regime as a state governing approach, you'll probably refer to Nazi Germany, Italy, Spain, and Soviet Union under J. Stalin and all the crimes they were responsible for (aka the examples of crimes of such regimes: lack of freedom of speech, oppression of opposition, the death penalty for dissing the regime, etc.). To check how this essay looks you can browse our exemplification essay examples. But the question is - how to write good exemplification papers? Consider these steps.

  • Understand a topic and research it
  • Choose the examples to underpin your claims (at least 3)
  • Outline the text
  • Write the main body, then the introduction and conclusion. Trust us, this is easier than spending hours on the intro first
  • Take a break
  • Edit your writing for clarity, check for plagiarism, format it
  • You're all set!

Have a look at these free exemplification essay examples and learn about their structure and style more to write a compelling text of your own!

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How to Write an Exemplary Exemplification Essay?

Whenever you start writing the essay, you want to make it understandable and persuasive for the reader. One of the most useful techniques to do this is to include real-life examples. If the core of the written composition is examples, used to develop the topic, …

ExemplificationHow To Write An Essay
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Many strongly disagree that cheerleading is a sport; however, these people are also the ones that have never cheered before. Cheerleading is not just about wearing short skirts, having a loud voice, and whipping their ponytails around. It’s about team work, both physical and mental …

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Exemplification, in the philosophy of language, is a mode of symbolization characterized by the relation between a sample and what it refers to.


How do you write a thesis statement for an exemplification essay?
The body should contain clear, concise ideas, arguments and details. It should also support the topic. Make sure you use arguments and information that support the thesis. Also, think about who your audience is.
Why are examples important in exemplification essays?
These examples will be used to back up the argument of the writer. ... This is an important academic assignment. It supports the main argument through supporting it with examples. The examples will help clarify, expound, and prove the point you are making.
How long should an exemplification essay be?
Use a five-paragraph format. This is the only thing that we can tell you to be 100% sure of. One paragraph should be used as an introduction. One paragraph will serve as your conclusion. And three paragraphs will be used for the main part of your document (one paragraph = 1 idea + one example).
What is the purpose of exemplification writing?
Definition: Exemplification is a way to provide readers with examples that support a larger point. Description: Without examples that show the validity of your points and illustrate your assertions, many of your readers might not accept your assertions.

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