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Hinduism and Christianity

There are many known religions of the world and all of them have their own uniqueness about them. Some people are born into their religious faith and some are converts to their perspective religion. I have chosen Hinduism to compare and contrast with my religion …

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Water Baptism: Its Significance in the Life of a Christian

Christian living is impossible without the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In fact the whole Christian faith is founded in the fact that Jesus died for the sins of mankind and yet after three days rose from the grave. In the numerous sacraments …

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Balancing The Christian Life Revision2

Christianity is more than just a religion that one gets into. Rather, it is a relationship between God and the believer. And as Charles Ryrie has pointed out in his book, “Balancing the Christian Life,” that like all relationships, the Christian life of a person …

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The Matrix Linked Christianity

Matrix movie is full of violence but there are some powerful concepts in it that will help us to understand what really the real world is, that may help us to be different from usual people, leaving the secular society and do the things that …

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Rhetorical Analysis Model of Christian Charity

In John Winthropʼs sermon, “Model of Christian Charity,” Winthrop uses persuasive diction and figures of speech to reinforce his idea of a “city upon a hill,” which is having absolute unity and conformity in able for the colony to prosper, in which others will look …

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Judeo-Christian, Islamic, Mayan and Hindu

One of the most compelling issues regarding religious comparison is the knowledge that each of these religions believes itself to be the only correct path to enlightenment or the afterlife. This is one similarity that is found in virtually all religions. (more…)

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Christian individuals who act as models

The world is a dangerous place, and yet by example, perhaps Christians can create a place of “safe pasture” in areas that are less than likely to be peaceful. (more…)

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A Historical Overview of Christianity

Christianity is not one faith in its practice, but a diverse array of faiths that have evolved over two thousand years. What these faiths share in common is the central figure of Jesus Christ. In his day, Jesus was a polarizing figure. (more…)

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Admission essay for Christian school

I was born and raised in a Christian family.  I used to go to the Presbyterian Church but early in my life I was really not that interested in knowing God.  I was a so-called Sunday Christian, who merely went through the routines and never …

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Why I need a degree in Christian ministry

I am a devoted Christian with a calling to serve human kind so as to convert as many people as possible to Christianity.  For me, nothing makes more sense that preaching the word of God.  Although I believe that Christianity is a matter of spirituality …

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What is meant by Christian life?
The first followers of Jesus received the term Christian. This name has remained the same to this day. Not being a Christian means following all the rules and doing rituals. It's about a relationship - a friendship that is centered on Jesus Christ.
What is the main theme of Christianity?
Christianity's fundamental tenet is that Jesus Christ is the Son (and Messiah) of God. Christians believe Jesus, who is the Messiah, was anointed from God to save mankind.

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