The Crucible Essay

The play is based on the events of 1692 in the town of Salem, where women were allegedly accused of witchcraft and relations with the devil, who allegedly sent damage to people and livestock. Women were found guilty and executed. Subsequently, of course, the church …

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Essay on Career

We begin to think about our careers in early childhood. But then we choose what we just like. Years pass and childhood dreams of greatness are replaced by a mediocre choice of a profession that simply provides basic survival. And where are those enthusiastic eyes? …

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The American Dream Essay

The very phrase “American dream” first appeared precisely at the height of the economic crisis – in 1931, at about the same time that Moss Hart was dying of a sudden flood of patriotism in a morning taxi. It was used by the publicist James …

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Overpopulation Essay

The most popular explanation for the threat posed by overpopulation of the planet is that in the event of a demographic crisis on Earth, resources will run out, and part of the population will face the fact of a lack of food, water or other …

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Gender Roles Essay

The world is rapidly changing, and at the same time, a transformation of social consciousness and social relations is taking place. The forms of behavior and attitudes that were relevant in the last century have now become obsolete. In your opinion, have the social roles …

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Hamlet Essay

Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a great play that has sparked a ton of different opinions. As you know, any dramatic work is characterized by conflict. In this play it is two-level. the first is personal, the second is of man and era. Shakespeare raised a number …

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Happiness Essay

It is difficult to explain what lies under the word “happiness”. This is something unsteady, ephemeral, unstable and not eternal. This seemingly simple question has been asked by many people for many years. And still there is no definite answer – what is human happiness. …

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Othello Essay

The plot of the Othello tragedy, as well as the plots of other works by Shakespeare, was not invented by the author. It is a very accurate arrangement of the novel by Giraldi Chintio “The Venetian Moor” from his collection “One Hundred Stories” (1566), which …

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Essay on Leadership

The topic of leadership is relevant nowadays for many spheres of life: business, politics, sports. Comparing different definitions, then leadership is a way of influencing and controlling. For many, a leader is a leader who looks forward, directs people, and drives them toward the goal. …

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Macbeth Essay

The tragedy “Macbeth” is the only one in Shakespeare, which depicts the transformation of a noble man into a villain. Macbeth was first a brave warrior, a faithful vassal of his king Duncan. But ambition creeps into his soul, a thirst for power. These feelings …

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