Frankenstein English.1001

How does the stranger describe his parents character traits?
… He talks about his mother’s tender caress and about his fathers smile of benevolent pleasure.
Why does Shelley wait so long to reveal the strangers name?
…So we can get Walters perspective of the character before so we become more involved when hearing his story.
What do Victor’s parents give him as a gift?
…Elizabeth Lanveza
How do Elizabeth and Victor differ as children?
…victor was loud solitary and he searched for knowledge. Loved the study of knowledge. Elizabeth was calm and subdued and she did normal activities with her younger brother.
Who is Henry Clerval, what are his interests and goals?
…Victors friend. He studied foklore and he liked poetry and writing. He liked King Arthur, The Crusades, and Roncesvalles.
Whose works does Victor pursue? Why? Why does his father disapprove?
…Science. Cornelius Agrippa. Simply because his father wasn’t scientific.His father says it is worthless and don’t waste your time….Victor said if the father had fully explained that Agrippa had been discounted by modern science he wouldn’t have been interested in his writings and more.
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What effect does a violent thunderstorm have on victor when he is fifteen?
…He studies more on the science of galvanism- electricity produced by chemical reactions. He sees a tree being struck down by lightning and decides its worthy to be studied.
What discovery does Victor make while at the university?
… After two years of study he discovered the essence of life, which he refuses to reveal to Walton.
Why does Victors father want him to study at the University of Ingolstadt?
…so victor could obtain more worldliness.
What last requests does Victors mother make before she dies?
…For him and Elizabeth to marry.
How does Victor cope with the death of his mother?
…He doesn’t go to the university right that moment. He waits. And then when he goes he studies what makes life possible.
When is it time for victor to depart after the death of his mother why doesn’t Henry Clerval join him?
…his prosaic merchant father’s business is low.
What does Victor realize as he leaves his home?
…that he doesn’t enjoy the company of strangers but he would gain new knowledge so it was worth it.
How does Walton react to the news of Victors discovery? How does Victor respond to Walton?
What warning does Victor give to Walton about the discovery?
What drives Victor on to the creation of being like himself?
What details is the reader given on the construction of the creature?
What purpose does this paragraph serve? ” But I forget that I am moralizing in the most interesting part of my tale, and your looks remind me to proceed.” What words express a warning?
Describe the setting on the night the creature comes to life. What mood is created?
Describe the creature.
What is Victors reaction to the creature? Why?
What happens after Victor rushes to his bedchamber?
Which character invites sympathy when the creature is first made? Victor or the Creature?
What idea do the lines from “The Time of the Ancient Mariner” convey to the reader?
What does victor do when the morning dawns? Who does he meet?
Why has Henry Clervals father allowed him to go to Ingolstadt?
How does Henrys character offset Victors character at this point in the story?
Why does Victor dread returning to the apartment with Henry? What does he find once they arrive there?
What happens to Victor as him and Henry wait for a servant to bring breakfast? How does Henry respond?
Whad does Henry do during Victors ensuing illness?
What new character is introduced in Elizabeth’s letter to Victor?
Why is Elisabeths letter important to the story?
Why does Victor desert his study of science? What does he pursue? Why?
What is Victor’s mood after his tour of Ingolstadt with Henry? Why does he praise Henry?
How does Victor’s mood and his praise of Henry build suspense at the end of chapter 6?
What bad news awaits victor in his father’s letter?
Why does Elizabeth blame herself for the murder?
What does Victor come to believe that his monster is responsible for Williams death?
Why is Justine accused of a crime?
…Williams locket was found in one of her pockets.
Why is Elizabeth particularly miserable after Justine’s arrest?
How does Victor react to Justin’s trial? What does the show about victors character?
What is the result of the trial?
…Justine killed William.
Why does Victor accompany Elizabeth to Justines Prison cell?
Why does Justine confess to having murdered William?
When does Victor plead for Justin?
What warning for the future does Victor give after Justine’s death?
What thoughts does Victor have about his monster as chapter 9 begins?
What does Elizabeth say that upsets victor? Why does it upset him?
How does Victor’s trip affect his spirits?
Why does Victor leave home and where does he go?
Why does Victor decide to climb the glacier Montanvert?
How does Victor describe the monster’s approach on montanvert?
What impression does the monster give when he speaks?
What does the monster request of Victor? Why?
Why does Victoria agree to listen to the monsters last request?