Forrest Gump

Nathan Bedford Forest
great civil war hero who Forrest was named after; Founded the KKK after the civil war was over
Birth of a Nation
first full length motion picture that sparked the revival of the KKK; a clip from it is in Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks face to make the person look like Forrest
Paul “Bear” Bryant
coach of the University of Alabama football team who gave Forest a football scholarship to play in college; he’s regarded as one of the greatest college football coaches of all time winning 6 national championships
George Wallace
governor of Alabama who wouldn’t let UA be integrated by symbolically standing in the doorway; Forest gave the black girl walking in a book that was thrown at her
John F. Kennedy
Forest got to meet him after he was named all-american for football and told the president that he has to pee; 35th and youngest president
Marilyn Monroe
Forest saw a signed picture of her in JFK’s bathroom after he had to pee; famous actress and sex symbol in the 50’s (Norma Jean Baker)
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Joan Baez
a famous singer who Jenny wants to be like; folk singer from the 60’s and 70’s who had an affair with Bob Dylan
“All Along the Watchtower”
a song, originally played by Bob Dylan but made famous by Jimmy Hendrix, that was playing as they were walking in Vietnam; the Hendrix version is listed as the 47th greatest song of all time by the Rolling Stone Magazine
a nickname for the Vietcong; a soldier told Forrest to watch out for Charlie
Lyndon B. Johnson
He awarded a medal of honor to Forrest for his work in Vietnam and Forrest showed him the wound on his buttocks; 36th president
“Blowin’ in the Wind”
the song Jenny sang while naked at the gentleman’s club in Memphis; released in 1962 by Bob Dylan and is listed as the 14th greatest song of all time by the Rolling Stone
students for a democratic society; protested the war in Vietnam in a March on Washington where Forrest saw Jenny
“Turn, Turn, Turn”
a song written by Pete Seeger but the Byrds version was used in the movie when Jenny was leaving on the bus and shoots Forrest a peace sign
Black Panther Party
Jenny is a member of them and brings Forrest to meet them and he fights against Jenny’s boyfriend there; a black power and black nationalist group
Abbie Hoffman
Forrest says that he liked to say the “F” word a lot and whenever he said it, people would cheer. In the movie, he gave a speech in Washington protesting the Vietnam war; Founder of the Yippies
“For what it’s Worth”
a Buffalo Springfield song written by ;used where Forrest is going through the rain in Vietnam
Richard M. Nixon
37th president who was impeached for the Watergate scandal; rewarded Forrest for being on the national ping pong team
Watergate Hotel
a hotel that Nixon recommendedForrest to stay at where he saw the Watergate thing happening;
Dick Cavett
interviewed Forrest about China, television talk show host
John Lennon
a member of the Beatles who Forrest met on the caveat show, talked the lyrics of imagine
John Lennon used Forrest’s answers on the show to write this song
Lynyrd Skynyrd
a southern rock group from Jacksonville; “Sweet Home Alabama,” one of their songs, is played