Forrest Gump – Questions

What was Forrest’s last name?
What city and state is Forrest from?
Greenbow, Alabama
What was Forrest’s favorite book?
Curious George
What did Forrest’s Mama call his leg braces?
Magic Shoes
What shape was Forrest’s back crooked like?
A question mark
What was the name of Forrest’s bus driver?
Dorothy Harris
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What king did young Forrest meet?
Elvis Presley
What song was Elvis playing when Forrest showed him his dance?
Hound Dog
Where did Forrest’s mom say his first pair of shoes could take him?
How did Mama Gump make money?
Rented out rooms for visitors at the Gump house
Where did young Forrest go to school?
Greenbow County Central School
What did Mama Gump tell Forrest vacation meant?
When you go somewhere and you don’t ever come back.
What was Forrest holding when he taught Elvis how to dance?
a broom
On his first day of school, why didn’t Forrest get on the bus?
He can’t take rides with strangers
What was Forrest’s IQ as a child?
What was the name of the store where Forrest first saw Elvis on TV?
Vince’s Furniture and Appliance Store
How many kids rejected Forrest on the school bus before Jenny offered him a seat?
How old was Jenny when her mom left?
What did Forrest think Jenny was afraid of at her grandma’s house that made her visit Forrest at night?
Her grandma’s dog
What is Forrest’s favorite soda?
Dr. Pepper
How many Dr. Peppers did Forrest drink in the white house?
When Forrest was on the All American Football Team, which president did he meet?
John F. Kennedy
What did Forrest tell President Kennedy?
“I have to pee.”
What team did Forrest play football for?
University of Alabama
Who was his famous football coach?
Bear Bryant
What number was on Forrest’s Alabama football jersey?
Whose autographed photo was in the White House bathroom?
Marilyn Monroe
What were the names of the two students being integrated in to college at Alabama?
Vivian Malone and Jimmy Hood
Which Governor fought desegregation of the University of Alabama?
Governor Wallace
How many years of playing football did it take to get a college degree?
How fast could Forrest run?
like the wind blows
Name Forrest’s two best friends.
Lt. Dan and Bubba
Where did Forrest meet Bubba?
on the bus to boot camp
What war did Bubba and Forrest fight in?
Who did Forrest meet on the bus to boot camp?
Who did Forrest and Bubba meet when they first arrived in Vietnam?
Lt. Dan
Where did Forrest get shot?
What was the best thing about being shot?
all the ice cream
What was Lt. Dan’s last name?
What kind of rain did they have in Vietnam?
stinging rain, sideways rain, and straight-up rain
How long did it rain for in Vietnam?
4 months
What is Forrest’s sole purpose in the army?
To do whatever you tell me, Drill Sergeant.
What record did Forrest set in the military?
His disassembled his weapon faster than anyone
What did Lt. Dan say Bubba might get caught on a trip wire?
his lip
Who did Forrest think they were looking for in Vietnam?
A guy named Charlie
Which 5 soldiers did Forrest try to save from the attack in Vietnam?
Tex, Cleveland, Dallas, Bubba, and Lt. Dan
Who did Forrest say kept the money from his “million dollar wound?”
The Army
What was Lt. Dan’s claim to fame?
One member of his family had fought and died in every U.S. war
What country did Forrest defeat to become the world ping pong champion?
What show was Forrest on?
The Dick Cavett show
Who did Forrest meet on the Dick Cavett show?
John Lennon
What did Forrest learn was the secret to ping pong?
never take your eye off the ball
Who did Forrest and Lt. Dan spend New Year’s Eve with?
Cunning Carla and Long-Limbs Lenore
What kind of party hats did Forrest and Lt. Dan wear on New Year’s Eve?
Forrest wore a green hat and Lt. Dan wore a tiara
Who became president when Nixon resigned?
Vice President Ford
What alcohol did Lt. Dan and Forrest to get?
Who were Forrest’s neighbors (shown on the mailbox when he received his letter from Apple)?
Kerner and Jones
How much money did Forrest have left over to invest in his shrimp business?
Who offered Forrest $25,000 to use their ping pong paddle?
Which New Year’s Eve were Forrest and Lt. Dan celebrating?
What did Forrest spend his $25,000 on?
his shrimp business, new haircut, new suit, fancy dinner with Mama, bus ticket, and 3 Dr. Pepper
What huge American event is happening on TV when everyone is watching Forrest play ping pong?
Man landing on the moon
Who became a shrimp boat captain?
Forrest Gump
Who was Forrest’s first mate on the Shrimp Boat?
Lt. Dan
What did Forrest name his Shrimpin Business?
Bubba Gump
What did Forrest name all his shrimp boats?
What did Bubba say shrimp were?
“the fruit of the sea”
What “fruit” company did Forrest invest his shrimpin’ business money in?
Apple Computers
How many ways to make shrimp did Bubba mention in the movie?
What was the name of the hurricane in the movie?
What did Forrest learn from his first time shrimpin’?
shrimpin’ is tough
Where does Bubba’s family live?
Bayou la Batre
What was the date when Bubba died?
June 7, 1963
Name two of the boats in the harbor when Forrest decided to name his boat Jenny?
Sea Robin, Sandy & Lee, Challenger, Miss Hilda
What was the sticker on the side of Lt. Dan’s wheelchair when he was on the side of the dock with Forrest?
America Our Kind of Place
How many shrimp did Forrest catch on his first trip?
What brand of tennis shoes does Forrest wear?
What model of Nikes was Forrest wearing?
What year did the Nike Cortez make its debut?
What color were his tennis shoes?
red and white
What color was Forrest Gump’s hat as he was running across America?
What river was Forrest running across when Jenny saw him on the television?
the Mississippi
How long did Forrest run for?
3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours
Where was Forrest when he stopped running?
Monument Valley, Utah
What did Forrest say when he stopped runnig?
I am pretty tired; I think I’ll go home now.
What were the names of the magazines that Jenny had in her scrap book?
Runner’s World and National Enquirer
Who was Forrest’s girlfriend?
What do Forrest and Jenny go together like?
peas and carrots
What did Jenny pray to turn into?
a bird
What color shoes did Jenny wear in the wedding?
None! She was barefoot.
What did Forrest say about Jenny’s voice?
It was the sweetest voice in the whole world.
What does Forrest give Jenny before she returns to California?
Congressional Medal of Honor
What happened to all of the letters that Forrest sent Jenny while he was in Vietnam?
They were returned
Where did Jenny and Forrest meet in Washington D.C?
the reflecting pool
Who does Jenny hang out with in Washington D.C?
the Black Panthers
Who did Jenny want to sing like when she was in college?
Joan Baez
What was Jenny’s stage name in Memphis?
Bobby Dylan
What was Jenny’s job when she saw Forrest on the news running across America?
a waitress
How long was the bus ride to Jenny’s place?
Forrest walked, he never got on the bus!
What is Jenny’s last name?
How did Forrest sign his letters to Jenny?
Love, Forrest Gump
Where did Jenny move to perform on stage after getting kicked out of school?
Memphis, TN
What song did Jenny sing on stage?
Blowin’ in the Wind
Mama always said, Life is like…?
a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get
How many chocolates does Forrest say he can eat?
a million and a half
What 3 sports did Forrest play?
football, ping pong, and cross country
Mama always said, Stupid is as…?
stupid does
What bus was Forrest waiting for?
the number 9
Who does Forrest have more money than?
Davey Crockett
What kind of lawnmower does Forrest drive?
Where did Forrest donate some of his Apple profits?
church, hospital, Bubba’s family
What job did Forrest do for free for the University of Alabama?
cut the grass
What was the name of the magazine Forrest had with him on the bench waiting for the bus?
What was the month and year the Fortune Magazine with Forrest and Lt. Dan on the cover was published?
November 1974
How many mail boxes are at the entrance to Mama’s house at the beginning of the movie?
How many mail boxes are at the entrance to Mama’s house when Forrest becomes the owner?
Name one of the names on the mail boxes in front of Mama’s house.
D.L. Jones
W. Richardson
J. Cineceros
What was the address of Apple Computer Inc. listed on the letter Forrest received?
344 Silicon Drive
Cupertino, CA 95104
What was the date on the Apple Computer Inc. letter Forrest received?
September 23, 1975
Who played Forrest Gump?
Tom Hanks
What is floating in the air in the beginning of the movie?
What does the feather represent?
What year was it in the opening scene of the movie?
Which band has the most songs in the movie?
The Doors (6 songs total)
Who played Jenny?
Robin Wright
Who played Lt. Dan?
Gary Sinise
Who played Bubba?
Mykelti Williamson
Mama Gump
Sally Field
Young Forrest
Michael Conner Humphreys
Forrest Gump Jr.
Haley Joel Osment
Who did the voice of Elvis?
Kurt Russell
Who originally turned down the role of Forrest Gump?
John Travolta
Chevy Chase
Bill Murray
Who doubled for Tom Hanks during the running scenes?
Jim Hanks, his brother
Director Robert Zemecki’s son was also in the movie. What role did he play?
He was the first kid on the school bus who refused young Forrest a seat.
Where was the actual bench that Forrest sat on throughout the movie?
Historic Savannah, Georgia at Chippewa Square